Kathryn Edwards Clarifies Her Comments About Lisa Vanderpump At The Lyme Gala

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Kathryn Edwards is out to set the record straight. This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn, Kyle Richards and Erika Girardi climbed aboard Yolanda Hadid’s Lyme fueled jet and headed to NYC to watch her receive an award. You know, for Lyme disease. Just in case you’ve been living in a subterranean cave without wifi for the last eight weeks, Yolanda has Lyme. She’s on a journey. A Lyme journey full of bitterness.

At the gala, everyone was teary eyed and guilt ridden for ever questioning Yolanda or her lack of hygiene.

“I was so appreciative to be invited and attend this event for a few reasons–namely, to support Yolanda in her battle against this very debilitating disease…”

Also, a free trip to NY, am I right? So blah, blah, Lyme, blah blah.

“Listening to the other honorees talk about their experiences and hearing similar words from all of them had a resonating feeling.”

Now here’s where Miss Kathryn takes umbrage with anyone doubting the seriousness of Yolanda’s claims.

“It must be incredibly frustrating to feel so ill and not have people believe you or question your integrity. As if it’s not enough to wonder when you’ll ever feel normal again, but then to have your family, friends and loved ones look at you as if you are doing this to garner sympathy…that’s a big accusation, one that I would never feel comfortable to make.”

And just in case you think Kathryn ever doubted Yolanda, think again!

“I have never doubted Yolanda‘s illness, I have been very vocal about that, whether you saw it on the show or not. I was not bothered by her lack of makeup and the way she presented herself at any time.”

Kathryn wants to clarify that she was not throwing Lisa Vanderpump under the bus when she claimed LVP was guilty of talking about Yolanda. Kathryn wasn’t referring Munch-Munch, she was talking makeup, people.

“When we were sitting at the table Kyle, Erika and I were talking about the comments that were made on Yolanda‘s appearance. Kyle said that she felt horrible about it and then there was a subtitle of me saying “that Vanderpump and Rinna did it too.” This is about comments made on Yolanda‘s lack of makeup, not about Munchhausen‘s. No one thinks Yolanda has Munchausen’s.”

I still maintain Yolanda was trying to get the pity vote by foregoing concealer. The woman has access to makeup artists, does she not? That health advocate she drags around could have slapped some foundation on her face. I think Yolanda is a cunning Lymestress. But Kathryn disagrees with me.

“Before I end on this topic, I want to say that I heartily applaud Yolanda‘s work in bringing awareness to Lyme disease… Yolanda, I’m cheering for you! I see you! Continue your work and your message.”

Everyone is tiptoeing around this and now Kyle has suddenly been struck with remorse for bringing up Yolanda’s appearance. It’s a bunch of bologna, as my mother used to say. All this business has left me exhausted. I’m never stepping foot off the pavement again. Lyme carrying ticks could be lurking anywhere!

So is Kathryn protesting too much? Did she criticize Yolanda and is now trying to cover her tracks? I believe all the ladies were questioning the validity of Yolanda’s claims and they just don’t want to look bad on camera. Thoughts?


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