Lisa Rinna Backpedals! “I Have Always Been Concerned for Yolanda”

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Lisa Rinna wastes precious blog space this week by humble-bragging about seeing Adele in concert and backtracking on her tough “Yolanda is lying” stance. What I want to know is, where is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dirt?

“OK, I am still reeling from the sheer magnificence of the Adele concert I went to earlier this week in London… What an absolute thrill of a lifetime!”

Yeah, yeah. Good for you.

“…I am here in London to sell the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC UK, which was really fun and successful… I love London and may never go back to Beverly Hills! *wink*”

Does Rinna really think we care if her capri pants are taking the UK by storm? Because we don’t.

“Since I didn’t have time to get my blog in last week, I wanted to get one to you this week.”

Then give us something we can sink our teeth into, woman. For the love of Kyle Richards’ caftans, give us something!

“I do wish I could have been at the Global Lyme Alliance in NYC to see Gigi present Yolanda with her award, but I had to remain in LA to work on a new talk show pilot. I wanted to be there, because I always want to support a friend when asked…”

Ermm, you and Yolanda Hadid aren’t friends. That much has been established.

“I want to make it quite clear…that I in no way doubt anyone’s chronic illness or severity of what they go through on a daily basis… What has gone down between Yolanda and me is in no way associated to anyone else… I have always been concerned for Yolanda and what she is going through.”

I shortened this drivel because I love you. You’re welcome. Now, why is Rinna doing a U-turn when the fans are behind her one this one? Yolanda is as nutty as a pecan grove, people. She’s not vibrating on a higher plane. My take is she’s wacked out from too many strange treatments and a failing marriage. I hate to be harsh (kind of) but there it is.

Yolanda has been using her illness, not only as a storyline, but as some kind of life-changing mission because she’s going through some shit. I feel for her, and I do think she’s ill, but I also think she’s done lost her mind.

Now back to Rinna, who only briefly mentions Dubai.

“Let me tell you that the thought of being hauled off to a Dubai prison for shooting off the double bird was all too real for me… So, I packed my ten fanciest kaftans and off I went promising myself I would do my best not to break any of their laws! HA!”

There you have it. Adele and apologies, but no tea. So why do you think Rinna is pulling back on her criticism for Yolanda? It seems to me that social media is siding with her on this, so what’s the deal? Any theories? 


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