Joe Giudice’s Prison Nightmare — Jailed At “Dangerous” Prison #RHONJ

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Joe Giudice has officially turned himself into Fort Dix to begin his 41-month stay and the New Jersey correctional facility for his fraud conviction. A former inmate or “prison expert” as Earl David considers himself, says Joe’s time there “is going to be absolute hell.”

Although the prison where Joe will likely end up is referred to as a “camp” nothing could be further from that definition, David told Radar. Between safety concerns, poor living conditions, and overcrowding, the reality star might find himself out of his element. And don’t get David started on the bathrooms.

“In some of the buildings the showers are disgusting. It’s horrible and they’re falling apart,” David explained. “There’s no toilet paper in the bathroom. You have to go to another building to pick up tissue once a month. They give you like four rolls of toilet paper.”

You know what they say, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. However, when his wife, Teresa, visits, she will be in for a “terrifying” experience.

“When you go for a visit you have to strip naked, they check you from head to toe. You’ve got to sit in a chair for like two hours straight. If you have to go to the bathroom then your visit’s terminated – it’s really crazy.”

Another problem, according to David, is boredom. He says there isn’t a heck of lot to do at Fort Dix.

“Most of the time you just walk the track,” said the former inmate. “They have a boxing court. It’s horrible; every day is the same thing. It’s got no rehabilitative measures whatsoever—it’s pure punishment.”

Oh shucks! No tennis court? No workout gym? What’s an inmate to do? David warns that fights occur nearly every week and that Joe had better get his paperwork in order.

“He’s got to make sure he has his paperwork because one-third of the place is cho-mos,” or child molesters, claimed David. “If you’re a white person, you’re [automatically] considered a cho-mo, and then you can get attacked.”

Most of the inmates will know who Joe Giudice is, and don’t forget, Apollo Nida is there, so he can vouch that Joe is no “cho-mo.”

“There are people who are getting attacked all the time,” alleged David. “They put a lock in a sock and they whack people over the head. When I was there, every week someone got attacked. It’s very dangerous.”

For the record, Fort Dix denies these weekly allegations of sock/lock attacks.


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