Yolanda Foster Defends #RHOBH Rejects Kim Richards & Brandi Glanville

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Whether she’s a cast member on the show or not, Kim Richards is a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills story-line this season, due the continual onslaught of questions from the ladies.

They want to know about her rehab, her shoplifting, her relapses, her sobriety — whatever Kyle Richards will disclose, they’ll take. An off-camera, careening around town Kim Richards, definitely makes makes for juicy on-camera dish. A viewer’s imagination can be effective, when real-time junkie drama unfolds in the news and the tabloids. 

The one flapping her lips the most is Lisa Rinna, and this is bringing out the mama-bear in Yolanda Hadid. In her latest Bravo blog, Yolanda defends both Kim and Brandi Glanville.

“It was painful for me to witness her so bluntly label Kim a ‘drug addict’ and Brandi an ‘alcoholic’ in public because the ripple effect of that was so painful for all involved from children, family and loved ones,” Foster wrote. “So much hurt that could have been avoided if handled in a more delicate way.”

Maybe Rinna could have whispered the words “drug addict and alcoholic?” It is certainly interesting that Yolanda drags viewers on a blathering “journey” with no destination, but wants all conversation of concrete issues, muffled.

Yolanda thanks the two former housewives for being “compassionate” and “supportive.”

“These women were in our lives for many years, and YES there were some really ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘unacceptable’ moments between them and the women in this group. I respect that and have not forgotten. At the end of the day, though, they are still human. They deserve to be loved and supported, especially during difficult times,” she continued. “Kim and Brandi have always been compassionate and supportive of my journey, and for that I will be forever loyal.”

The simple truth is that Yolanda is about Yolanda. If a gal co-signs, and checks her luggage for the Lyme journey like a faithful follower — all is good. No one claims that Brandi or Kim don’t deserve love or support. The truth can encompass both — but no one would be surprised to learn that Yolanda and raw truth, don’t often co-exist.

We can assume that Yolanda will soldier on in her crusade to obliterate Lyme, and Brandi and Kim will join her as backup singers, for an occasional lunch and a quick selfie. Interestingly, Kim noted that she wasn’t spending much time with Glanville, in a cameo appearance on the show, earlier this season. Bravo booted both addicts at the end of last season, and for once, Bravo made the smart decision.

And if you want more Kim, she can be seen crying on “The Mother/Daughter Experiment.”


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