Kyle Richards Basks In Twitter Approval Over Munchausen Change of Heart

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Kyle Richards is a born again Invisible-Lyme believer, and her gushing approval of Yolanda Foster, during last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was one for the record books.

Kyle gasped, gawked, and wiped tears away, during the aired charity gala, as Lyme disease sufferers told their personal stories. Kyle was struck with melodramatic remorse — while simultaneously patting the porcelain cheek of one of Yolanda’s precious mini-crusaders, her daughter, TheGigi. While I found myself cringing, and rolling my eyes into blackout, Kyle’s Twitter followers warmly embraced her exit from Team Maybe-Munchausen.

Kyle’s account is strangely quiet, not to mention affirming, with nary a tweeter calling her out, for the dramatically ridiculous Lyme gala performance. Her hideous outfit alone, was worth a fan snark or two. I did find one dissenter, who tweeted.

Kyle lashed back.

Has Kyle Richards gone on a blocking spree — following her co-star Eileen Davidson’s example? Her account has sparse fan participation, possibly because only cheerleaders are allowed. What do you think is going on?


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