Trapped Housewife! Erika Girardi Gagged & Controlled By Day—Erika Jayne Independent By Night #RHOBH

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Erika Girardi has some exciting news to share with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. She announced the newsflash on Twitter.

Reactions were mixed, with several followers expressing disgust. Her Erika Jayne fanbase gave her kudos, crediting her for reviving an oldie, but vulgar goodie.   

Erika Jayne has carved out a niche as a risqué “Pat the puss” dance-queen, who defines such raunchy words as “sassy.” She shrugs off naysayers, implying they’re pearl-clutching prudes. 

Erika Girardi pat the puss

However, when the tacky jewelry, messy extensions, and glittery body stocking fall off, Erika Girardi emerges, and is instantly gagged. Erika’s grandhusband, Tom Girardi, calls the shots, and from what we have witnessed, wants his arm candy seen, and not heard. Fans routinely sound off — bothered by a sugar daddy controlling his wife.

Erika has excused Tom over and over, clearly used to being silenced and put in her place. Tom even symbolically sent Erika to “her room,” in front of cast-couple, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. 

Erika calls Tom “the boss,” and notes that because he’s a hotshot lawyer, he “loves to hear himself talk.” Erika notes not being “allowed” to behave in certain ways or buy certain things. Co-star, Kyle Richards, commented earlier in the season,

Erika seems like this strong, powerful, independent girl. To hear her say that she has to behave a certain way in front of her husband, is a little surprising to me. My husband wouldn’t tell me what to do or say.”

Erika throws off the stiffly controlled Girardi to become the erotic, anything-goes Erika Jayne, asserting her credit-card given right to an alter-ego. Fair enough. But WHO is the real Erika — a brazen vixen, or an obedient child, wanting her allowance? My guess is that Erika is a plain, ordinary gold digger — who occasionally escapes, into her fantasy identity. Men in her life morph from bossy wallets to gushing servants, and finally into cheering admirers. One old man provides the means to a whole different crowd — where Erika Jayne calls the shots. 


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