Big Ang’s Husband Won’t Go After Her Estate — Plans To Leave Money For Her Kids

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Families in conflict at the death of a loved one are regular fodder in the media. People who are normally thoughtful revert to fighting children, figuratively, sometimes literally. However, that’s not the case with the husband of the late Mob Wives star, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola.

Big Ang lost her battle with stage 4 lung and brain cancer last month. The VH1 star left behind two adult children, six grandkids and estranged husband, Neil Murphy. According to a source close to Big Ang, Murphy does not plan to fight for Ang‘s estate,

“I know Neil pretty well, and I don’t think he will go after Ang’s money,” a source tells Radar Online. “I think he wants the kids to have it,” the source said.

Neil has professed his love for Big Ang many times, he always maintained he was not with Ang for financial gains.

“He was never after Ang’s money,” the source said. “The show just edited it a weird way.”

As seen on the finale season of Mob WivesRaiola and Murphy‘s relationship was rocky. She asked him to leave their marital home and the couple separated,

“I just felt like Neil just doesn’t do the right thing and I don’t need to be with somebody who doesn’t support me and I don’t need him. And I just think that it’s done. I lost it. You just lose it.”

In spite of the couple’s ups and downs, Big Ang forgave Neil before her passing,

“My sister would never ever keep a grudge or hard feelings for anybody,” Raiola’s sister Janine Detore told Radar. “She was just like that. You could do anything to her and she would be like, ‘Okay.'”

Overwhelmed by her illness, Ang pushed Neil away in her final days to protect him from the pain. The source concluded,

“Ang pushed him away because she didn’t want him to see her dying.” 


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