‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle And Kailyn Back In Action Tonight! [VIDEO]

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Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 kicks off tonight, and there are sure to be dramatic fireworks, as we witness another slice of life with Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer. MTV posted some preview clips, to give us a glimpse of the first episode.

It’s a big day for little Aubree, and fans should love watching the bittersweet milestone of Chelsea’s little girl’s first day of kindergarten. Chelsea is securely in the arms of her boyfriend (now fiancee) Cole, but fans can expect Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, to rear his tattooed head, as the season plays  out.

Kailyn sits for a photo-shoot with her two sons, but things go south when she decides to go out with her ex, Jo and his girlfriend Vee. Kailyn calls to invite Javi, who declines, and expresses upset that he can’t see his son, Lincoln, while he’s home. I am immediately annoyed when Javi only specifies that he wants to see HIS son, and not his stepson, Isaac. This couple is exhausting.

Fans will see Leah and Corey take Ali to the doctor, to discuss her condition, as she continues to live with muscular dystrophy. The doctor delivers the sad news that Ali will have to grow used to depending on a wheelchair, because her condition is expected to progressively worsen, by the age of seven. Leah will continue to butt heads with Corey and his wife,  Miranda, as the trio continues to parent the twins.

It’s rinse and repeat for Jenelle Evans, and tonight the viewers will see an all too familiar scene with Jenelle and her mom, Barbara. A routine Jace exchange turns into a nasty argument, as Jenelle’s story begins with a bang. Jenelle has a new man, and Babs doesn’t approve—a new season, but the same old story, for MTV’s biggest train wreck.

Tune in tonight, as Teen Mom 2 kicks off a brand new season, and the post-teen drama begins.


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