Salary Report: How Much Does ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestants Make

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Are you ready for a new season of Dancing With the Stars?

Season 22 is about to knock our socks off, and not with the dancing, but with the salary amounts the stars receive. For a long time, this was kept an industry secret by the powers that be, only now is the lid being blown off. Reportedly a celebrity who was approached to be on the show spilled the salary tea.

Here’s how it works: $125K was offered for rehearsals, two weeks on the show and an appearance at the finale. Not bad, right? Each week the contestant sticks around, the more money they earn, and if they make it to the finales, that would result in an additional $345K. And not to mention this is great exercise provided you don’t get hurt.

The celebrity cast of season 22 lineup features an eclectic group of stars, including football legend Doug Flutie, outspoken journalist Geraldo Rivera, actress Mischa Barton and TV personality Marla Maples, who is the ex-wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trum, and Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Fields.

Tootie  will be shaking her money-maker along with 11 other contestants beginning tonight (Monday, March 21) at 8pm ET on ABC. How far do you think Kim will make it?


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