Big Brother 18 Returns Summer 2016 On CBS

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Hang onto that life raft! Big Brother is returning for it’s 18th season hosted by Julie Chen. The Summer favorite will kick off with a 2 hour premiere on Wednesday, June 22nd The show will air on Sunday’s, Wednesdays, and the live show on Thursday. The live feeds will also be back, so we can keep up with the houseguests antics unedited.

No word on any twists or themes yet. Over the past 18 seasons, CBS has thrown us twists like twins, exes, America’s player, saboteur, and the return of BB alum/family members. Not to mention all the casting stunts they’ve been known to pull. (Hello, Frankie Grande!) The fans speculate every year about an all star season. So, who knows what they have up their sleeve this year?

How many favorites and BB traditions will they bring back? Well, we know Zingbot is a given. Hopefully they won’t bring back Battle of the Block. It’s not very popular with fans, and it’s really boring. It’s almost always rigged by the houseguests. The have not room is always fun. Dentist chairs, airplane seats, and ice rooms.

Whatever CBS and Big Brother producers have up their sleeves, it’s either going to wow fans or make them groan for wasting their Summer in front of a computer screen for over 12-hours a day. You know the motto, “Expect the unexpected.”


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