Who Are David Foster’s Daughters Erin and Sara?

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Who are the best kept secrets when it comes to kids of the Bravolebrities? Wait until you meet David Foster’s daughters, Erin and Sara Foster. Gorgeous women in their thirties who could have had their own reality show or appeared on countless others by now, but instead wrote their own music to success in the entertainment industry.

The sisters grew up in Los Angeles among the A-listers with a music-producer dad and model, Rebecca Dyer, as mom. David and Rebecca split when the girls were three and five. The sisters’ former step-siblings through the years include Brody and Brandon Jenner and Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid.

So how do you stand out in a family when you are surrounded by so many “strong personalities?” You go to boarding school in Switzerland! 

“I don’t even know who I am, all I know is that I am the sibling, daughter, sister, the friend of somebody and I need to know who I am outside of that.” She added, “When you have a big family, certainly with strong personalities, you feel like you have to fall into a role and I didn’t want to be the little sister or the daughter because that’s who you become as an adult. So I do think you have roles,” Erin explained.

These days everyone wants a reality show, and they don’t knock what others are doing, Erin and Sara have different ambitions. They want to act – not just be on TV.

“Seeking out this version of fame that wasn’t really attributed to anything specific… and it didn’t feel right to us… we didn’t have an ambition to just be out in the world. We were able to separate ourselves and go ‘That’s not something were interested in.'” The sisters’ added that “the desire to be famous, it was never even a thought.”

What they’ve come up with is very funny show called Barely Famous. They are spoofing the attempt to become famous on their fake VH1 reality show. In an interview on the Pardon My French podcast, sisters’ Erin and Sara described what it takes to work with family.

“What’s important in any working relationship or working with someone in your family is you have to start with a clean slate,” Erin said. “Sometimes you have to sit down and sort s*** out so you can be friends again.”


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