Yolanda Foster Wishes Lisa Vanderpump Would Treat Humans With As Much “Empathy” As Dogs! #RHOBH

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Yolanda Hadid is all about supporting women. Unless your name is Lisa, then all bets are off. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda continues her struggle with her invisible illness, and when anyone dares to question her, she gets defensive and takes a passive-aggressive swipe. Both of the Lisas made Yolanda’s shit list last night.

We understand this has been a difficult year for the Lemon-Lyme goddess. There’s no doubt that something is wrong with Yolanda, be it Lyme or the questionable treatments she’s been receiving. On top of that, both of her daughters are flying high and she’s seen the dissolution of her marriage.

“A divorce, regardless of how it happens, is still the closing of the chapter… Long-term illness brings challenging hurdles to a home, a family and a marriage. It affects many lives, but I have to believe we’ve all done the best we can.”

You have to have some empathy for someone going through so much pain. But as I’ve said before, Yolanda loses sympathy points with her holier than thou attitude. This week’s blog is more of the same.

“…did I experience change in 2015. I fought to live, I loved, I lost, I missed, I hurt, I trusted, I made mistakes, but most of all, I learned…”

Because Yolanda’s illness has now made her psychic — her words, not mine — she sensed Lisa Rinna’s piss poor attitude at Camille Grammer’s charity even right away. Rinna questioned the fact that Yolanda had enough energy to spend the day with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville, but had to cancel on Erika Girardi’s dinner. Rinna thinks there’s something not quite right about Yolanda’s story, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

“It’s hard to understand the animosity she feels toward me because before the Munchhausen comment I never had an unpleasant personal experience with her. It was painful for me to witness her so bluntly label Kim a “drug addict” and Brandi an “alcoholic” in public because the ripple effect of that was so painful for all involved from children…”

Someone school me if I’m wrong, but as far as Kim is concerned, isn’t the whole point of recovery admitting that you are, indeed, an addict? Why is that offensive? I’m sure her children have been more affected by her behavior over the years than by a label. But I digress. Back to Yolanda and her spiritual lesson for the week.

“Now a year later Rinna still seems to be stuck in the darkness and speaks with anger about these women… Our physical universe operates under a clear set of spiritual laws, and it might be time for Rinna to replace her anger with compassion, unity, love, and fulfillment…”

Now it’s Lisa Vanderpump’s turn for a spanking.

“Most Beverly Hills friends seem to be there when the chips are up but nowhere to be found when the chips are down… It is interesting to see some of these adult women make such calculating moves without any respect or empathy for other human beings… I was touched seeing LVP’s emotion while talking about the poor dogs, and I do wish she would sometimes access this same emotional depth and apply it to us, her human friends.”

Personally, I don’t think Yolanda has been that good of a friend to Vanderpump. It’s a two-way street, Yoyo. And while the Lisas seem to be on the outs, Yolanda has good things to say about Eileen Davidson and Camille.

“I have so much respect for women that turn their mess into a message. I’m so proud of Camille for bravely sharing her journey and bringing awareness to women’s cancer. Eileen is honest, authentic and is hitting the nail right on the head. I am going to wait to see this story unfold before commenting on it further.”

She also has nothing but love for Brandi and Kim.

“Those hardest to love need it the most! Kim and Brandi have always been compassionate and supportive of my journey, and for that I will be forever loyal.”

Finally, Yolanda talks about her name change.

“I chose to keep my married name for my children when their father and I separated in 2000. It was important to them and we decided this as a family. When I married David, I honored his and went by both. I was Yolanda Hadid-Foster, and now I have dropped Foster for obvious reasons.”

That’s probably the most sensible thing she’s said all season. So did Yolanda overreact to Rinna’s criticism or should Lisa Rinna keep her big mouth shut?


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