RECAP: #MobWives — The Women Reunite For A Final Sitdown [Final Episode]

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Mob Wives Final Sit Down

The final Mob Wives episode was chaotic, to say the least. Production made the decision to play clips from the show for the ladies, while they sat for hair and makeup. The perfect move to get the gals riled up enough, to produce a dramatic sit-down finale. Never fear — Drita and Karen delivered! Instead of writing about the non-existent storyline, let’s run down the cast dish, one by one. 

Let’s start off with the head drama queen herself, Drita. Drita doesn’t primp with the other girls, instead she sits in diva isolation in a hotel room, while watching the clips. She reacts to one, asking, “This isn’t going to be on TV right?” Drita isn’t the brightest, and evidently doesn’t understand that production is panting for a reaction — FOR TV. Next, they show Drita a live feed of the other girls talking about the show, and all their past antics. Karen uses a few choice words, when she describes Drita. The production bait works, and Drita turns into the rabid pit bull — her favorite persona. She’s ready for a fight.

Mob Wives Final Sit Down

Finally, they get security in place, and Drita saunters in, to join the other girls. She doesn’t sit down, instead muttering, “Karen get up,” before she lunges, claws out. Poor Carla gets caught in the melee. Drita tries to sucker punch Karen, before security has the chance to dive in and pull them apart. Drita REFUSES to sit at the table with Karen, jabbering her refusal to an annoyed producer. She calls Karen every name in the book, including the infamous word on Mobwives: RAT. After a pep talk from the weary producer, and a cigarette (Hello, she knows about all of Big Ang’s health problems!) Drita finally sits down at the table. Drita and Karen get it all out on the table, but resolve nothing.

Strangely, Renee is the calmest Mob Wife. When she watches clips of the show she asks “Am I that angry?” Anyone who has ever watched the show would respond, “YES Renee!”  I don’t know what therapy Renee has gone through, but it is working. She’s ready to reminisce with the girls.

Renee, Carla, and Karen begin to talk about the birth of the show. Renee’s sister (creator of the show Jen Graziano) originally approached the other girls with the show idea. The ladies all made individual audition tapes & one  tape of them all, hanging out together. The title of the show initially rubbed them the wrong way. When Jen named it “Mob Wives,” Renee said “What Mob?” Come on Renee, we all know the Mob exists! It was interesting hearing them talk about the beginning of the show.

Mob Wives Final Sit Down

Karen was ready to jump into the project. She didn’t want to fight, but she would, if provoked. She was really pissed at Drita, every time she talked about her father. Apparently, Carla showed up at Renee’s party at the end of last season, where Drita was seen making a suspicious exit. I still don’t have any clue what happened there, but Drita was heard talking to production. She spoke about how bad it was to get involved with Sammy The Bull’s daughter, evidently trying to get them to get rid of Karen. We all know how fiercely protective Karen is, when it comes to her dad. 

When the girls (minus Drita) first sat down at the table, Karen had a few choice names for Miss tough girl Staten Island. When Drita sucker punches Karen, production escorts Karen backstage. We hear her bellow a few angry remarks at Drita, one last time. Karen comments that she may not get along with all of the girls, but she wants to be there for Big Ang. (Reunion was filmed just prior to Big Ang’s death.)

Mob Wives Final Sit Down

Ang does make a quick appearance on the show, to talk about her audition tape, and the show in general. This is just prior to her death, so she’s not feeling well. Just before she leaves, she promises to get together with the girls, and she asks them to act like adults.

There isn’t much to say about Carla. She was in the way when Drita tried to tackle Karen, and she claimed on Twitter, that she was knocked by security. She does try to work things out with Drita, and get answers, because she’s still confused about the failure of their friendship.  Drita clearly doesn’t want to make peace, because she keeps interrupting. Carla gives up — smart girl. 

Marissa and Tasmanian Devil Brittany make an appearance. Marissa clears it up once and for all — Karen did not blab on the men play nice debacle. It was misconstrued, because Karen and Drita have deep rooted issues. Marissa blasts Drita for saying she has a t**tface, and Marissa and Brittany don’t kiss and make up.  Brittany notes that she has a temper sometimes, and that it was “the three amigos” manipulating her. She’s not Drita’s puppet — blah blah blah. Nothing important.

So, the poor Exec Producer moves them along, appearing as if he needed five tranquilizers, because the ladies don’t like to be told what to do.

Is anyone else kind of glad that this show is over? It always felt like a runaway train wreck, and even if the girls claim everything is 100% real, there is some obvious production coaching/instigating happening.

In the end, the women exchange glances, and vow to be there for Angela. A positive note to end of a crazy show, and a poignant last commitment to the beloved cast and fan favorite.

Big Ang_Mob Wives Final Sit Down


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