RECAP: Little Women LA “Cancun Or Bust” [Season 4, Episode 8]

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All About the Tea_Little Women LA S4

Hola! Little Women: LA fans. We are going to Cancun whether we support the already married Briana or not. Christy is shopping for luggage big enough to be a little person body bag and demonstrates by getting inside. Christy confesses that she really doesn’t want to go to Cancun, but will because she supports Briana, but not Briana’s marriage to Matt. And neither do Terra and Tanya.

Next up, Jasmine, Ali and Briana get together for some girl talk at a bar. After comparing their sizes (Ali is the smallest) talk moves to Ali’s inability to connect with Tonya and Terra. Get in line, girl. Nobody connects with them right away. Ali is now invited to Cancun and she’s on board – bring her a ladder!

Terra has invited Elena over to school her and Tonya on makeup. Did you know that make up has an expiration date and if it’s as old as your adult child, throw it out now! The conversation moves onto Cancun. Tonya says she won’t be going and doesn’t think Briana will care. Elena is not sure she wants to go because she’s nine weeks pregnant but so far, nobody knows this. Terra is on the fence about Cancun.

The ladies arrive in Cancun and have worked out their issues because they are all there. Hand out the champagne because you’re going to need it after Jasmine’s warning toast. Don’t bring the drama to Briana – bring it to her. Good luck with that after a few margaritas.

Elena misses Preston because she wants to have sex on a bench. Hey, Elena, it’s called sex on the beach. She uses this time to share with Terra that she’s pregnant. She trusts Terra to keep this a secret but Terra is exploding with the information and dying to tell Tonya. Time will tell and drinks will spill how long Terra can keep Elena’ secret.

In the lobby, Ali joins Terra and Tonya for a cocktail. Ali shares she is surprised that they came to Cancun as they aren’t supportive of Brianna. They inform Ali to check herself because grown-ass little women shouldn’t lie about being married. Tonya and Terra confirm they support Briana just not her marriage or Matt or the upcoming wedding. But they support Briana.

Jasmine has planned a private dinner for the first night of celebration. She thanks everyone for coming. Ali thanks everyone for including her. Then, Briana thanks Jasmine. Tonya starts to choke and asks Briana if she’s happy they came. Briana is both happy and hesitant. Jasmine tries to shut down the negativity but the others ignore her. Except Christy who has turned on her mute button for the weekend. We know she’s not supportive of the marriage but kudos to her for holding it in.

There’s a scene of the girls playing ping-pong unsuccessfully in the rain. Doesn’t look fun. Christy is being a flip-flopper on her support of Briana and Elena thinks that Matt really does make Briana happy.

It’s still raining in sunny Cancun but it’s party time so let’s wig out. Tonya has the perfect excuse not to wear a colorful wig because she’s “allergic to synthetic hair” which is code for “she ain’t wearing no tacky wig.” Game time with the girls, but it’s boring, and too sexual for Tonya’s taste. She asks the question: What’s does Briana like most about Matt’s character? That he doesn’t have any? Nope. It’s his smooth talking abilities, says Tonya.

Back in the room, Tonya and Terra are bored. Good thing Christy has set up a stripper. Briana had previously stated no strippers but she didn’t stipulate no little strippers, so hopefully Briana will only be a little mad. The rest of the girls come up to the room and more champagne and more tequila and more dancing and only Jasmine has noticed that Elena isn’t drinking. She has the “flu.”

There’s a knock at the door. It’s stripper time. Briana is not having it. But how rude and you’re hurting the little guy’s feelings so she sits down and gets through his dance routine and the site of his mesh onesie.

The next morning the sun is out and Tonya and Briana sit down for a heart to heart. Tonya tells Briana she isn’t glowing so that obviously means she’s hiding something. And by the way girl, you’ve changed and it’s not for the better. So great that Briana’s friends can support her. Buh-bye, Tonya!


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