Lisa Vanderpump’s Tired of Petty Housewives & Refuse To Invest In “Vicious” Conversations! #RHOBH

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Lisa Vanderpump’s blog is a heartbreaking one this week. As we saw on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa is seeking to put an end to the Chinese festival of Yulin. I’ll let her explain. Be warned, the description is horrific.

“The premise of this disgusting event is the aim to torture, skin alive, torch and sever limbs, often whilst the dog is strung up, pleading and yelping as the barbarians relish cooking the limbs in front of them. Many are pets stolen, driven in nets without food or water for days, handcuffed, limbs broken intentionally as they are stuffed into cages…”

Why is this happening?!

“The ignorant belief is that the adrenalin, that is stimulated by the pain and torture, will tenderize the meat…”

As we all know, LVP is passionate about animals. She has an ever growing menagerie in her own home and spends her time on several charities devoted to animals.

“It has absolutely been my focus this year, gaining permits with my partner and my relentless husband, creating websites and writing endless letters to people pleading to aid us in our fight… I do not profess to be an animal activist. I eat meat for one, but I am an avid advocator for the well being of mans [sic] best friend.”

So you can understand why, when Eileen Davidson said she didn’t have time to come and help with the protest, Lisa was a bit offended.

“Between my three restaurants and the demands you have witnessed on Vanderpump Rules, also my focus on Yulin, and the endless charity events I have hosted this year, I do  prefer to dwell on important issues.”

And she’s tired of being called manipulative by this group.

“…I find it almost funny that as I struggle to manage my own life, the notion that I am manipulating theirs, gives an importance that is hardly credible.”

Lisa seems baffled at the continuous digs at her character.

“I have not viewed the episodes, as the final quarter of this season left me bewildered at first, then in an attempt to survive the emotional lambasting, I withdrew and refrained from watching… I cannot invest in the vicious conversations, the aggressive pettiness from some Housewives who clearly have little else to focus on.”

There’s no doubt that Lisa Vanderpump is savvy when it comes to the business of reality TV, but to hear Lisa Rinna claim she’s being directed by Vanderpump, to hear Eileen claim Lisa is manipulative, and Erika Girardi call LVP a “sniper from the side” is overkill. Especially when these ladies engage in similar behavior.

Here’s where you can find out more about stopping Yulin:

And Lisa has one final message for her fellow Housewife haters:

“…to the Housewives that insinuate they are being manipulated and don’t take responsibility for their own choices and actions, I have some sound advice…Get a f—ing life.”


Question: Why is Eileen going so hard at LVP this season? What has LVP done to deserve all this bitchy treatment? You know my theory—Eileen is distracting herself from a rocky relationship. But as I said, that’s just a theory. What’s yours?


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