Porsha Williams’ Brother Outs Kim Fields’ Husband Chris Morgan’s Gay Affair With Houston Hair Stylist!

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RHOA_Porsha and Phaedra

If you thought there was any chance in reality hell that there would be peace on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you might want to let someone else hold your wallet when you go out – and stay away from the man with $20 Rolex watches. Peace might as well be a four letter word for this group.    

Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks were quick to let castmate, Kenya Moore, bear the full fallout from the discussion of rumors of Christopher Morgan’s sexuality. Porsha and Phaedra were reluctant to admit that they, too, were shading Chrissy Chris, before the discussion began. They used coded language that seemed to indicate that they were questioning his sexuality long before Moore made her claims.


It appears that from Morgan’s perspective, neither Parks nor Williams left any doubt that they have been giving him the side-eye as they used even more coded language to question his identity on the season 8 finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  You can read about  Porsha’s comments, and Morgan’s response in an Instagram post below.

Chris Morgan on IG defending his gayness_RHOA

Adding gasoline to the fire, Porsha’s brother sashayed into the drama to defend his sister! Johnnied4real, on Instagram states he’s Porsha Williams‘ brother but All About the Tea discovered Johnnie D is really Porsha‘s close friend and assistant.

Johnnie D went for Kim Field‘s husband’s jugular! Boldly outing the married man for allegedly engaging in a gay affair with a Houston hair stylist. Yikes! Johnnie D has since made his Instagram account private but not before All About the Tea grabbed a screenshot of the tirade he unleashed on Chris Morgan.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”Did you come for @porsha4real ?? THOT? I do understand why you might have your Panties in a Bunch because your dick and ass is spread thin between Your wife @kimfieldsofficial and the several men we all know you have been to the bottom with including that Hairstylist from Houston!! (Receipts Coming Soon)! I’m a try to be as decent about this because you do have 2 sons!! But I think it is wise to leave the DRAMA to the women, you have no right to disrespect my sister @porsha4real ! She has been nothing but respectful to you all, and does not deserve to be used as a platform for you and and your Throwback Wife @kimfieldsofficial to get a “2nd Chance at Life” because the 1st time was a failure! It’s not our fought that Ms Butterworth and The Facts of Life Royalties have ran out! Get your money up, and if you need a check to get out of Bankruptcy, I’m sure@porsha4real can lend you a bag or 2! Oh and you wear a lot of Make Up too……let’s end this before we have to cause you some Public Embarrassment. I would suggest you focus on teaching your wife @kimfieldsofficial some of your “Twerk “‘moves so she can be successful at something, maybe Dancing with The Stars will work, because I know getting that Pink Slip from RHOA had to hurt …..was it worth your secret being exposed ? To Be Continued” [/otw_shortcode_quote]

 Porsha Williams brother outs Kim Fields Husband_RHOA

Does Andy Cohen play a role in stopping his divas from getting involved in trying to “out” someone, or from commenting on the perceived sexuality of others? Tell us what you think.


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