Lisa Vanderpump Talks ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Crazy Finale, ‘RHOBH’ Drama & Yolanda Foster Issues

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On Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Vanderpump showed up in a black jumpsuit with rhinestone floral epaulettes that she somehow managed to pull off.

Tonight was the Vanderpump Rules finale, so most talk was of the VPR persuasion, but she did give a few hints as to what we could expect from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

Tonight on #PumpRules, we watched Jax Taylor give James Kennedy a hard time for being disrespectful to women. This, after Jax said he preferred jail to living with his new girlfriend. Lisa thinks Jax is testing Brittany, pushing her away to see if she’ll stick around for more of his verbal abuse. Or something like that.

Schwartz and Katie threw an engagement party at Lisa’s estate. Stassi and Kristen crashed, like we all knew they would. And Lisa let them stay, because it was Katie’s night. After the party, everyone moved back to SUR where Sandoval performed his goofy song. Because the way to celebrate someone else’s engagement is to steal the limelight and promote yourself. Natch. Lisa wasn’t impressed.

“It was a bit scary. Maybe I’m not getting it…I’m looking at them thinking are they from another planet? What was that?”

Kristen The Uninvited, took the mic and gave an endless speech. Lala told Kristen to “wrap it up” several times, and Lisa just rolled her eyes.

“Talk about a sense of entitlement. They barely got in by the skin of their teeth and there they are suddenly hosting the whole affair. Although Lala was quite rude, it was actually what I was thinking. I was like, wrap it up. And it went on a lot longer, trust me.”

Jax and Stassi finally talked. Stassi was a little drunk and Jax blamed her for his broken heart when he should have blamed his wandering penis. Lisa thinks those two crazy kids were meant to be together.

“I always thought, as I said, that they were kind of perfect for each other. And I think there’s always going to be this like, underlying sexual contention [sic]…but I think it was good to come full circle.”

Since Lisa is the star of not one, but two, Bravo shows, Andy threw out two names and Lisa had to choose between her SUR staff or a Housewife. Between Brandi and Stassi, Lisa misses Stassi more. Kyle has better hair than Scheana. Rinna has a bigger mouth than Jax. Lisa would rather forgive Kristen than Brandi. And as for Yolanda, she’s slightly more trustworthy than Stassi.

During the Vanderpump Rules reunion clip, Lala stuck up for herself, and Lisa seemed quite impressed.

“I actually thought Lala, she kind of redeemed herself, really, because she came here and she screwed up so badly. But they are young kids, and when they screw up, you have to remember that we probably screwed up when we were in our twenties as well…”

Lisa invited James over for dinner this past Sunday night. Because she cares.

“I wanted to check in with him. I think he’s been through an incredibly difficult journey…I don’t think we’ve ever had the full picture of James. There’s a lot more of a sensitive side to him, and I think you see a lot of this kind of bravado and his attitude… He’s been undergoing intense therapy.”

So why hasn’t Lisa fired James, Jax or both of them? Lisa started off by joking, then turned more serious.

“You know what? I think I need to…I don’t believe in kicking someone when they’re down. James started as a busser, and I have given him chances, made allowances for him…but I do see there is more potential in him.”

Now on to Beverly Hills Housewife goodness. Andy noted that Eileen has had it out for Lisa this season, and in the sneak peek, we see Eileen speaking on Rinna’s behalf, accusing LVP of being manipulative. Rinna backtracked, saying LVP wasn’t exactly manipulative, but she had called on Rinna to do her bidding. Kyle joined in the convo and said that some people were strong, and could withstand LVP’s ways, but Rinna wasn’t one of them. Kyle labeled Rinna a “follower.”

Lisa’s reaction after watching the clip?

“Come one, what are we sheep? Baaa. Really?”

A caller asked how Lisa really feels when the other ladies accuse her of being manipulative.

“Well, I hate that. I mean I barely have time to manage my own life, let alone other people’s lives. With three restaurants, I think I’ve hosted twelve charity events this year, I’ve done, what, fifty-two episodes of reality television in the last six months…I call BS on that.”

Andy claimed that LVP is very sensitive to the criticism of the other ‘Housewives.’ But she’s such a boss in her restaurants.

“Well, I have to be tough…they’re not my friends. But I care about them…I’m invested in their lives, but they’re not invested in mine.”

The ‘Housewives’ are a different matter.

“I thought some of these women were friends, so that’s why it hurt so much.”

A viewer wanted to know if Lisa and Yolanda have kissed and made up.

“I think at the reunion things were worked out. I feel empathy for what she’s going through. It’s been a really difficult year, so I don’t want to be against her in any shape or form, I really don’t. It’s not just the health journey…”

So how will this season play out? Will the other ‘Housewives’ successfully ambush LVP or will she manage to walk away with her reputation unscathed, as she has in previous seasons?


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