British Web! Eileen Davidson Claims Lisa Rinna Is Being “Pressured” To Say & Do Things By Lisa Vanderpump

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Eileen Davidson has cast herself in the role of peacemaker/truth teller this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, it’s not working out for her. But at least she got to miss out on Erika Girardi’s awkward dinner, where Kathryn Edwards opened her mouth and spewed aggression on everyone at the table. Eileen was busy working.

“…I was really disappointed I had to miss it because of work. I was on set doing pyrotechnic stunts; running down a burning hallway, covered in layers of dirt, and wearing a long dress and five-inch heels…”

Eileen didn’t like Kathryn’s snarky comments to Lisa Rinna about her eating habits. Or lack thereof.

“It was odd to me, because very recently, at Kathryn’s home in San Diego no less, Lisa R. made a point of saying she didn’t like those comments being made about her. I don’t believe Kathryn is trying to be hurtful, but then again, can you imagine saying those things to someone who was overweight?”

But Rinna wasn’t the only one in Kathryn’s crosshairs. Hostess, Erika, got stung by Kathryn’s tongue as well.

“It only got weirder as Kathryn continued to get aggressive and argumentative throughout dinner. Even going so far as to take on the host!”

Kathryn claims she tattled to Lisa Vanderpump, citing the “web” conversation because she wanted a reaction out of Erika. Eileen calls bullshit!

“Whaaa? I don’t want to say I think that’s not true, but I do doubt that’s the whole reason. I think it’s something deeper. I’m just not sure what.”

Later, Eileen met up with Rinna on the beach. Rinna admitted she’d been Vanderpumped into bringing up the Munchausen comment because LVP made her. That British web weaver!

Lisa R. had told me of past instances where she had felt pressured from Lisa V. to say or do something. That knowledge was…underneath a lot of things that have happened in the last weeks… I didn’t know the words “faking it” were being thrown about. I didn’t know that Lisa R. wouldn’t have said the “M” word if she had not been encouraged by Lisa V.”

Let me stop you right there, Eileen. Lisa Vanderpump is not some Svengali who has brainwashed Rinna into doing her bidding. Rinna is a grown ass woman. She’s broken a glass in anger, reached for Kim Richards’ scrawny throat, and she speaks her mind whenever the mood strikes. I refuse to believe this loose-lipped woman was manipulated by Pinkie Vanderpump.

But that’s not all. Rinna is also very skeptical of Yolanda Hadid. Could YoYo be using her illness to garner sympathy? Rinna thinks so.

“Bombshell #2: Lisa R.’s strong feelings about Yolanda. They had just worked out their issues about the Munchausen’s (well at least it appeared that way to me), and then Lisa R. confessed she might think that…she’s even more manipulative than Lisa V. Okaayyyyyy….”

Eileen totally disagrees. She’s all Yolanda, all the time.

“I must say, I don’t see Yolanda in the same light as Lisa R. does, but she feels strongly about her convictions. She clearly believes what she’s saying. Lisa R. is not mean, and would never say these things lightly, which leaves me a bit perplexed about the whole thing.”

Eileen has done drunk the Lemon-Lyme nectar of delusion, y’all. Now, back to her need to placate the ladies and make nice (at least in front of their faces, because behind their backs, Eileen is every bit as catty as the rest of the group).

“At the Habitat for Humanity site, all I can say is Lisa R. better have some extra duct tape left over for me. My persistent need for resolution is starting to really bug the crap out of me. Erika was talking about Kathryn, and Kathryn was less than then 10 feet away. I figured if they talked it out…well, the rest is history.”

Erika got up in Kathryn’s face and pointed her finger of shame, blaming Kathryn for opening her big mouth and spilling the tea to LVP. Now Vanderfabulous will never be Erika’s friend. Um…I thought Erika hated LVP. Since when did she care about Lisa’s friendship? When she accused her of being a sniper? Or maybe when she claimed LVP liked being a manipulator.

“I called Kathryn over to explain herself. I did not think it would escalate that quickly, but then again, I was not at Erika’s house for dinner. I’m glad they finally hugged it out, but I’m sensing it’s going to be a long time before the two of them are “genuine girlfriends.”

If it were me, I would resent the hell out of Eileen butting her nose into it. That she insisted Kathryn “explain herself” to Erika was beyond. And lest you get it twisted, I’m not on Kathryn’s side in this whole fiasco. Nor do I align myself with Erika. As for Eileen…all I can say is that she’s definitely asserted herself this season, but it’s not making me like her any better.

What about you? Is Eileen doing the right thing, trying to get the ladies to play nicely with each other or should she just stay out of it?


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