Kandi Burruss Dishes On Broken Friendship With Phaedra Parks & #RHOA Reunion Drama!

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Kandi Burruss and RuPaul sat down with Andy Cohen. Kandi was looking fab, post baby bump. She put her weight loss down to, “The whole first month and a half…I did strictly breastfeeding, I didn’t eat any sweets and I drank only water. No sodas and stuff like that.”

Todd Tucker, Kandi’s husband, manned the bar. When asked if Phaedra Parks had finally coughed up the money she owed, he admitted:

“She’s given me the final payment. She gave it to me, actually, right before the reunion.”

Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the women rang in the holidays and we toasted the season finale. Kenya showed up decked out as the Grinch. RuPaul said:

“She stole the show. I love it. You gotta love a freak…I think Kenya’s freak meter is about 11.”

And what does Kandi think of Kenya’s beau, Matt?

“…they seem happy. He’s different from what I thought she would have fell [sic] for. He’s a nice guy, don’t get me wrong. I just wouldn’t have seen them together.”

Kandi was in the middle of drama all season with Phaedra. So the poll question asked whose side are you on — Kandi or Phaedra?

Tonight’s Christmas party in Atlanta was hijacked by Fed talk. They showed up at Kandi’s house to take back Apollo Nida’s toys. Kandi gave us the scoop.

“I wasn’t scared…it’s not like they had a search warrant or anything. I didn’t get in trouble. They came to inquire if he had anything at our house. We just said yes…it was just a bike and a four wheeler. It wasn’t like we had allll this stuff.”

And just who called the Feds? Phaedra?

“Well see, the thing was, I really didn’t know…like that episode where we tried to resolve our issues…that aired that week. But she was also upset at Todd about something that he tweeted… A couple days later this happened. I didn’t know if it happened because of the TV show or because she was upset…the timing of it was so weird.”

Why would Kandi and Todd keep Apollo’s things in the first place, knowing he was being investigated by the Feds?

“We weren’t trying to hide anything from the Feds. Apollo had asked us…not us, asked Todd… about his stuff long before he even went away… They didn’t have enough room for all his stuff. They had a two garage or whatever. So it wasn’t like that. And mind you, they also came to Cynthia and Peter’s house. He was bringing his stuff to people’s houses long before he ever got indicted, I guess.”

We watched a clip of next week’s RHOA reunion where Phaedra and Porsha attempted to call out Kandi’s crew, claiming the Kandi-coated clique had overstepped their boundaries. Phaedra couldn’t believe Kandi let her employees go unchecked. So unprofessional, don’t you know. Porsha says Don Juan made it personal. And Phaedra’s beef was that Todd and Peter were inside gossiping about the fact that she hadn’t paid Todd what she owed. But Kandi slammed them both and stood up for her team.

Tonight, Kandi and Nene also decided to set aside their petty arguments.

“We said we were going to hit the restart button. So we’re going to try to put all the negativity in the past and just move forward on a positive note.”

A caller wondered how Todd had become so close with Mama Joyce, the woman who would, at one time, have gladly cut off his balls with a rusty pair of gardening shears. Kandi claims the two have mended fences.

“My mother, once we actually got married, she kind of let things go slowly because there was nothing else she could do. He was part of the family at that point. There was no turning back. She slowly started easing up…when we lost Sharon, she really let up at that point.”

Another viewer wanted to know more about RuPaul’s upcoming All Star Drag Race. Ru refused to give any hints.

“I can’t talk about that. The Feds going to come after me.”

Next week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the husbands get salty on the golf course. Karen’s husband, Papa Smurf Part Deux, was quite offended that Ashley’s hubs, Crocodile Dundee, turned up for girls’ weekend. Papa thought the ladies would be running around in their underwear, having pillow fights, apparently. And he didn’t appreciate Ashley’s husband joining the estrogen festivities. Karen called Ashley and her husband, “a tactless duo.” Bloop!

But back to Atlanta. Will Kandi and Phaedra ever be true friends again? Kandi lives in hope, y’all.

“I did see her after the reunion, and we did hug. We didn’t talk, but we did hug. Doing this show, it’s hard to mend a friendship. Once she and I resolve something, then you guys [she pointed at Andy] bring up the old mess. I said I was going to wait until after the reunion, then maybe she and I can have a real conversation…”

Does RuPaul think he’ll ever run out of quality queens?

“No, honey. You know them pigs that can sniff out truffles? My nose…the nose knows.”

The poll question was a close one. Phaedra won at 53%. Kandi was shocked.

“This is the first time I’ve ever lost on a poll.”

So do you think Phaedra dropped a dime? And was it a good idea for Todd to harbor, I mean hold, Apollo’s crap until he gets out of prison?


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