Kenya Moore Spills The Tea on Her Relationship With New Boyfriend Matt Jordan

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’ve seen Kenya Moore search for a meaningful relationship. Has she finally found it with down-to-earth Matt? Maybe. She’s put him through his paces and he hasn’t blinked. Moore spilled the tea about the lurve she has for her man, Matt in her blog. 

Matt is very patient, loving, and definitely very passionate about all things Kenya. I’ve tested his love on every level and he is very consistent.”

The age difference is real. Does that bother Kenya?

“Being truthful, it does worry me sometimes. I tend to think long-term and I wonder how our relationship will evolve.”

It sounds like Kenya has been doing a lot of work on herself this year. Knowing her issues with men is half the battle.

“Sometimes I overthink, so I’m trying to teach myself not to and enjoy the ride.”


“I’ve never been to a restaurant where I was asked to cook my own meal. But we had fun, and that is all that matters.”

She seems happy with Matt. What do you think? Will this relationship be the one that lasts?


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