Shocking! Leaked ‘RHOBH’ Episode Reveals Eileen Davidson Leads Charge to Take Down Lisa Vanderpump in Dubai

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We are nearing the finish line, approaching a sure to be dramatic finale for the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Fans have gotten a mini-preview, thanks to some leaked clips, which reveal some dark twists and turns, especially for fan favorite, Lisa Vanderpump.

Things hit the fan in Dubai, where Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, team with Erika Girardi to nail Lisa for being the queen of manipulators. The cast begins the thrashing by freezing Lisa out—the classic and always mean, silent treatment. Lisa apologizes to Eileen AGAIN—maybe she needs to open a vein—who AGAIN, accepts. Eileen is on hardcore rinse and repeat, and questions Lisa’s sincerity, to anyone who will listen. Eileen evidently becomes the ringleader, and woos the easily persuaded Rinna to her side.

This is where it gets interesting, and frankly, annoying. The women determine that this whole season hasn’t been about Yolanda’s loony, attention-whoring crusade for Lyme-attention. Somehow it’s decided that hatred shared between Lisa and Yolanda led Lisa to lure and control the others, to accomplish her devious purposes. According to Eileen, Lisa has spent her down days rubbing her hands together, contemplating how to use her pretty, pretty pawns next. Lisa is accused of masterminding Munch-Gate, in some dastardly plot to thrash Yolanda.

A look back reveals a pattern of Yolanda constantly creating discord with Lisa. During Season 3 (Yolanda’s 1st) Kyle accuses Yolanda of snarking that Lisa is full of sh*t. Kyle accuses Yolanda of being two-faced while relating to Lisa, and Season 4’s Joyce Giraud also claims that Yo dissed Lisa, behind her back. Lisa maintains a cordial friendship with Yolanda, despite hearing murmurings of the jabs. Yolanda supposedly becomes bedridden for over a year, (but somehow manages to film) and later complains that Lisa never visited her. Yolanda kicks and screams when a business commitment keeps Lisa from an oddly crucial tile painting party, for her daughter, Gigi. Gigi wasn’t there, but Lisa is labeled a disappointment, and a mere “Hollywood friend.” Yolanda joins with Brandi and Kyle to “take down” Lisa, toward the end of Season 4, and Lisa is noticeably crushed.

Yolanda squabbles with Ken, who fiercely protects his bullied wife. Lisa nails it when she comments, “Yolanda seems to be looking for something…all the time. Being accused of things that you haven’t done, by somebody you can barely remember…” The word “pawn” is used.  Season 5 begins, Yolanda seeks peace, and the duo attempts to move forward. It doesn’t take long for Yolanda to become peeved, after Lisa doesn’t invite to the opening of PUMP, and Lisa’s Palm Springs star ceremony. Lisa had been beaten up, and is understandably apprehensive in the decision to trust Yolanda again. The quasi-friendship slowly recovers, and ends the season on a solid note, sharing some good times during a trip to Amsterdam.

Fast forward to Season 6. Interestingly, Eileen and Rinna both try to draw Kyle into their Lisa-bashing club, and although Kyle appears to agree in theory, she remains loyal to Lisa. Kyle was slaughtered on social media after she turned on Lisa on Season 4—she isn’t about to make that mistake again. Kathryn Edwards remains loyal to Lisa, but questions Kyle’s honesty, and loudly.

Another point worth mentioning is Yolanda’s dramatically negative response to Lisa, after she stated Mohamed’s simple communication, regarding Bella and Anwar’s alleged Lyme disease. Lisa speaks of her longtime and genuine affection for Mohamed and Yolanda’s children, when Yolanda first arrived on the Beverly Hills landscape, in Season 3. Was Yolanda trying to sneakily create discord between Lisa and Mohamed, or even between Lisa and her kids, by strangely overreacting to Lisa’s voiced observation?

So what is the deal between Yolanda and Lisa? My guess is part of the issue lies with the affection, and the likely shared confidences, that exist  between Mohamed and Lisa. There is no doubt that Lisa adds to the drama when opportunity arises—she is a reality star, after all. Lisa Vanderpump plays the game of reality TV better than any other “Housewife,” and maintains a huge and loyal fanbase, year after year. She stirs the pot with a quip and a wink, and comes out smelling like an English rose. Lisa is  healthy, married, wealthy and happy. Yolanda’s ex-husband is Lisa’s best friend. Someone has jealousy issues, and it’s not Lisa Vanderpump.

Yolanda Foster expected everyone to bow to her Lyme disease, and probably relished the idea of hijacking this season. Yolanda’s cryptic illness defines her, and attention whoring is her reality. The Munchausen accusation was a natural consequence of hidden behavior contradicting her never-ending  and dramatic health complaints. If Lisa encouraged disclosure, Rinna was the big mouth that triggered the brouhaha. Stay tuned, as the drama plays out—we all know who will emerge the winner! 


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