RECAP: The Amazing Race “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today” [Season 28, Episode 5]

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This season’s adventure reaches new heights as the teams climb 15,000 feet in the French Alps. Plus, one duo might be in jeopardy of elimination after dropping their clue down a mountain on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race entitled “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today.”

The first clue says they have to search the streets for cars with specific license plates. Their next stop is Les Grands Montetes Gondola Station. Kurt and Brodie won the last leg, so they take off first. Only minutes behind Tyler and Korey are second to depart.

The next clue says they have to go find Les Grands Montets Summit. Fun Fact: They’re going to the highest mountain in Central Europe. They have to battle thin air and changing weather to find the clue on the edge of they icey mountain. The teams find mountain guides to help them brave the conditions they’re about to encounter. Tyler thinks his mountain guide is cute. So Tyler/Korey/Brodie/Kurt bond while they’re traveling up the mountain. When the teams get to the top they find out they have to zip line to their next clue. Korey, Kurt, Matt, Ashley,  Zach (who’s scared of heights but wants to conquer his fear), Scott, Sheri, Joslyn decide to zip line. Burnie/Ashley drop their clue. That’s not good. They have to zip line for a second time for their clue. Sheri flips out when she’s in the middle of the zip line, but with tears in her eyes she dramatically finishes.

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Their next clue is a Detour. Dynamite: The teams have to deliver dynamite and lunch to “hard working professionals.” After the dynamite is detonated, they can make their way back to safe ground where they will receive their next clue. Campsite: Using an example, the teams have to put together a campsite correctly to receive their next clue.

Teams who choose dynamite: Kurt/Brodie, Tyler/Korey, Matt/Dana, Zach/Rachel, Scott/Blair, Erin/Joslyn, and Kodi/Sheri. So the teams use ropes because the conditions are so unstable. Dana has a panic attack. The dancers get up to the top and figure out the dynamite is back at the station, so they have to go all the way back. Tyler though he was going to die at one point. He panics a little, but his partner gives him a little encouragement. Tyler’s glasses get all foggy up there. Kurt and Brodie deliver the dynamite and lunch first. Tyler and Korey finish second. Matt and Dana think slow and steady wins the race. Matt/Dana finish in third place. Erin/Joslyn don’t realize the bread they brought with them is lunch. They finally figure out lunch. They decide to flirt with one of the guys on the ski patrol. Unfortunately he’s married. Wah wah wahhhh.

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Teams who choose Campsite: Burnie/Ashley Burnie and Ashley think it’s pretty simple, but it’s not. They have to build it tight with snow around it to protect it from the wind. The notice none of the other teams chose to build a campsite. They aren’t sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. First try, not enough snow. They took a risk and it didn’t pay off.

The next clue says to make their way to Planpraz Gondola Station. The next clue sends them paragliding. Roadblock Throwing Caution To The Wind:They have to go paragliding, and spot the Yeti with the French flag. When they land they have to answer the mountain guides’ question to receive their next clue. Brodie, Korey, Matt, Rachel, Blair, Sheri, Ashley, and Erin go paragliding. Brodie says winning a Million dollars is great, but doing things you would never do in your life is what Amazing Race is all about. Korey says he once dated a Yeti. Brodie says “Well, that’s interesting.” Brodie tries to take off, but fails and falls into the snow. That gives Korey a chance to get ahead. He takes off first.  Brodie tries again and says hi to the Yeti as he flies over. Korey finishes the roadblock in first place. Brodie flies into second.  Erin, Ashley, and Sheri had to wait until the wind was right to take off. Sheri conquers her fear of heights and enjoys herself. The last 2 girls have problems with the take off, so it’s a race to not get eliminated.

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The pit stop is at The Dr. Paccard Statue. Tyler/Korey win this leg of the race. (They won a trip to a resort in The Philippines.) Brodie/Kurt are bummed they finished the leg in second place. The dancers finish third again. Blair and “daddy” land in fourth place, and have a little discussion with Phil about favorite teams. Zach and Rachel stay in the race with a fifth place finish. Kodi and Sheri finish sixth. Sheri is so happy she conquered her fear. Ashley and Brodie took sixth leaving The Clevver girls in last place. They were eliminated.

We have to wait until April for the next episode.


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