Todd Tucker Puts Phaedra Parks On Blasts For Knowing About Apollo Nida’s Fraudulent Dealings

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I cannot wait until The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion!

So much shade is being thrown, there’s going to be a total eclipse in Atlanta. Once again, the ladies have agreed to wear similar colors, this time in shades of blush, except for NeNe, who is wearing a white romper designed by the Ice Capades.

As reported, the drama goes down on RHOA Season 8 Reunion but the best showdown of all is between Kandi Burruss‘ husband, Todd Tucker and Phaedra Parks.

Get your popcorn out for this. Todd blasts Phaedra for playing the victim and asks her how come she knows so much about what he’s up to, and yet, she didn’t know at damn thing Apollo Nida was doing in her own house. Bam!

The showdown between Tucker and Parks stem from Apollo entrusting Kandi’s husband, Todd, with some personal and pricey playthings.

Phaedra admitted during an episode, she resented Kandi’s willingness to hold the property hostage. 

On November 17, U.S. Marshals Service seized a silver Ducati 899 Panicale Motorcycle, a white with red top Yamaha Raptor 700R 4-Wheeler ATV, and any property in which Nida has a substantial nonexempt interest. It is a no brainier that Phaedra ratted out her husband to the Feds, and directed them to where he was hiding his valuable goods.

That’s only part of Tucker‘s beef with the ATL attorney. Two seasons ago, Todd produced a “Donkey Booty” workout DVD for Parks. Phaedra stiffed Todd out of the full payment and bashed the new dad on camera, implying he was broke and desperate for money.

“Poor Todd!  He must be scrounging around the couch cushions for spare change, and rummaging through the ashtrays for quarters, since I heard that his L.A. tv projects are all dried up.  Or maybe his weekly allowance from Miss Kandi isn’t keeping him afloat anymore.” 

“Well it’s my name on this video, so I’ll be the one who says when it’s done, and that’s when little Todd Tucker can collect his check….thank you.”

Phaedra has still not paid Tucker, which comes as no surprise to those who believe her to be a morally corrupt criminal. 

The first installment of the RHOA reunion begins on March 20, check out a preview below.


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