Lisa Rinna Reveals Yolanda Foster Is “Angry” & “Not Dealing” With Something Emotionally #RHOBH

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In case you missed it, Lisa Rinna was on QVC last week, pimping her wares. Not only is she carrying the Munchhausen water for Lisa Vanderpump (more on that later) and avoiding carbs wherever she goes, she also sells ready to wear to the masses.

“What a week it was traveling to QVC to sell the Lisa Rinna Collection… We sold out of the fabulous wide-leg jumpsuit! But, don’t worry, I will make more!”

Yes, I can imagine Rinna toiling over her sewing machine by night, stitching wide-legged pantsuits for women across America. But first, she carried out her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by having dinner at Erika Girardi’s house.

Erika invited us over to meet her husband, Tom, and I was excited since I had heard so much about him personally and professionally. What fun to sit down with him and have dinner.”

Guess who was missing? Yolanda Hadid.

“I knew this was somewhat of a big deal for Erika to have us all over to meet Tom, who is a very busy man, and I thought surely Yolanda would make the effort to join us. I guess Yolanda didn’t “count her spoons” that day and wore herself out at lunch with Brandi and Kim.”

Dinner was a cluster of epic proportions. Kathryn Edwards and her loud, aggressive ways made everyone squirm in their seats.

“The dinner was awkward and uncomfortable to say the least. I am all for the group talking out issues, like this whole “web” conversation of Kathryn telling LVP what Erika had said about her… Erika was understandably horrified.”

Kathryn monopolized the conversation, made fun of Rinna’s eating habits, and talked over people with her nonsensical arguments.

“…I still can’t figure out what Kathryn is saying. What was her point? She makes no sense to me, and we just go round and round about who knows what. I was so happy for that dinner to be over…”

As were we all.

Kyle Richards showed up at Yolanda’s place to try and clear the air. When all the ladies (sans Rinna) met up for lunch a couple of weeks ago, Kyle thought Yolanda was being unnecessarily harsh toward Rinna and her Munchhausen comment. Especially since Yolanda called Rinna bipolar.

Yolanda seems angry but insists she is over it. She says, “I’m not going to focus on some crazy woman calling me names in public.” Well that certainly sounds like another label now, doesn’t it? Now I’m “crazy”! The very thing Yolanda says is not OK to do to anyone…”

Yolanda continues to talk out of both sides of her mouth. I wish both sides would shut it for a while. Seems I’m not alone. Rinna agrees.

“…I feel that Yolanda needs to connect her head to her heart to figure out what’s going on emotionally inside of her that she is not dealing with.”

Next, Rinna goes to the beach with Eileen Davidson and admits she was manipulated into the whole Munchhausen debacle by the very wily Lisa Vanderpump. But first, Rinna explains the complicated feelings she has toward LVP.

“…last year when I came into this group, LVP…felt ganged up on and beaten down by this group of women. She spent hours telling me about how horrible they had all been to her and how she had done nothing wrong… I heard over and over again how awful these women were to LVP. I reminded her that I needed to have my own opinion of the group…”

So Rinna has a certain duty to Vanderpump. Understandable.

“I did protect LVP and stand by her…I wouldn’t change that… And yes, I have also seen LVP try to pit people against each other, but because of my loyalty to her, I haven’t openly addressed how it has affected me up until this point.”

Now we get down to business. Lisa and Kyle both discussed Yolanda’s illness prior to filming.

“I fully own the fact that I brought up the Munchausen convo that I had with my hairdresser. From the start, I didn’t feel good about having that particular conversation, and when I brought it to Kyle and LVP, they were the first ones to bring up the inconsistencies about YolandaLVP called me and encouraged me to share the conversation I had with my hairdresser.”

So having discussed this in detail with the ladies, Rinna succumbs to LVP’s web of manipulation and brings it up on camera.

“I own the fact that I was the one to use the word Munchausen, and let me be very clear here: No one put a gun to my head… But LVP simply needs to own the fact that she encouraged me. That’s all.”

Sorry, Rinna. You’re a big girl. If you didn’t want to bring it up, you wouldn’t have.

So do you feel that Rinna is a puppet in this Munchhausen play? Is LVP an evil mastermind or just a convenient scapegoat? And what about Kyle’s role in all this?


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