Gigi Hadid’s Crash Dieting Has Her Friends & Family Concerned About The Supermodel

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Gigi Hadid is the IT girl right now—the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Hadid, walks the most prestigious runways around the world. When Bravo fans met Gigi, she was a healthy athletic teen, but much has changed in her rise to the top of the modeling world.

Hadid’s friends and family are becoming concerned about her crash dieting, and believe that the young woman is putting her health at risk.

Gigi’s lucky if she eats 500 calories a day. She starts off with a kale smoothie for breakfast and watercress soup for lunch, but by the time dinner comes around, it’s party time, so that’s when she tops up with booze,” a source tells OK Magazine.

Sounds like the diet of a supermodel! Yolanda once said, there is nothing uglier than a drunk woman,” but aside from that, TheGigi is probably making Yolanda a #proudmommy! Reportedly, Gigi is worrying those around her, with her extreme dieting habits.

“It’s dangerous and she does have protein shake snacks in between her so-called meals, but Gigi’s not getting enough nourishment,” the insider said.

The source added, “She’s exhausted, snappy and irritable all the time.”


The insider notes that Gigi’s curves are vanishing, an observation that has become noticeable to those following her career.

“Her butt’s totally vanished, which has people wondering if her butt fillers have worn off, and her breasts are barely filling a B-cup. Even Bella’s worried about her and she knows the modeling game intimately,” the source said.

What do you think is going on—the everyday life of a model, or is Gigi Hadid crossing into dangerous territory?


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