Yolanda Foster Slams Lisa Rinna For Getting Into Her “Personal Business”

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Yolanda Foster_RHOBH

Yolanda Hadid is relishing in her role as victim this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She had a latte with Kyle Richards and discussed the open email she sent, cc’ing all of the other women, stating that Kyle had attacked her. She called Lisa Rinna “crazy” for questioning her illness, and she bailed on Erika Giraridi’s dinner party.

But first, Yolanda wants to put that Crunch N’Munchin…Nutter Butter…David Hasselhaussen business behind her.

“As I previously stated, I have chosen to no longer engage in the Munchausen story but rather preserve my energy and use it where necessary in my healing process. It is important for me to stay on my path of gratitude.”

When Rinna admitted she’d discussed Yolanda’s illness at length with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle before filming the Great Munchhausen Debate of 2016, Yolanda was stunned. Stunned, I tell you!

“I must say, though, that tonight’s revelations are shocking, and if Rinna‘s statements are true, this will not be the last we hear of it.”

I can absolutely guarantee it’s not the last we’ll hear of it. Yolanda won’t let us forget. Ever!

Now, about that dinner party Yolanda flaked out on. She was too exhausted to go because, as Rinna pointed out, she’d spent the day with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards RHOBH has-beens.

Rinna made it sound like me cancelling dinner was some disloyal gesture to Erika, yet, what she didn’t know was that when Erika invited me, I had already committed to brunch across the street with Brandi and Kim to celebrate Kim‘s birthday, which I had previously missed.”

Yolanda only has so many spoons full of energy, people.

“I felt bad for not being able to make it to Erika‘s but like a good friend she knows my track record these days and has no expectations of my limitations—there is no judgment attached. I am not quite sure why Rinna is so worked up about something that doesn’t involve her. Getting in the middle of other people’s personal business…seems to be a running theme for her.”

And being a passive-aggressive hypocrite seems to be a theme with Yolanda. But she did get to miss out on Kathryn Edwards hogging the table conversation at dinner and making everyone, including Erika and her husband, very uncomfortable.

Erika hosted a lovely dinner so that Tom could meet everyone but how that evening was spent looked like a waste of good quality time, and I am sad it ended up to be a disappointing night.”

Though Yolanda didn’t discuss her “journey” this week (thank you, Jesus) she did spout this ridiculousness about being mindful.

“I have noticed a pattern in this evolving…people are making a conscious effort to learn mindfulness and freedom of expression… Such a practice is much needed in a decade that has become the forefront to much change from transgender awareness to building empires on our smart phones.”


Erika so beautifully touched on the practice of respect in tonight’s episode. Freedom of expression is not a permit to be disrespectful, and it seems there are blurred lines when it comes to this, especially when social media is involved.”

Call me confused. Does anyone know what the hell she’s talking about? And do we think this is Yolanda’s last season? Have you had enough Lyme talk that you can’t even stand to look at a margarita or is it just me?


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