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‘Little Women Atlanta’ Star Ms. Minnie Pregnant By Rapper Pastor Troy

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Minnie and Pastor Troy

Ashley “Minnie” Ross has some big news— the Little Women: Atlanta star has confirmed that she is pregnant with Pastor Tony’s love child. Ross confirmed the paternity in a preview clip from an upcoming reunion episode.

“If you pregnant, that’s what’s up,” announced cast mate Tiffany “Monie” Cashette. “I’m a ask you, is you pregnant by Pastor Troy?”

Ross rolled her eyes and flatly responded to her nosy cast mate’s question—answering affirmatively.  “Yes,” revealed Ross.

This is the first either has publicly confirmed the paternity of the child, after Ross announced her pregnancy, last month. The Atlanta-based rapper recently posted a cozy pic of the couple, on Instagram.

Fans can expect Ross to further address the couple’s relationship status during the episode, airing March 23, on Lifetime.


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