Kathryn Edwards Nails Erika Girardi For Being Two-Faced “Erika Jayne Talks a Lot of Shit When Tom Isn’t Around”

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Kathryn Edwards may be deaf in one ear, but on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s completely tone deaf. Not only has she been stirring things up by discussing what Erika Girardi said about Lisa Vanderpump, she also went into Erika’s party, guns blazing. Her loud mouth never stopped for a second. But after the social media smackdown she’s received in the last couple of weeks, Kathryn finally has a clue that she’s not coming off well. So she’s trying to repair her image in this week’s blog.

“These are the facts. Erika did use the word “web.” You didn’t see it, but she said it and even she acknowledged it. I’m not sure if it was “Vanderpump spins a web,” “don’t get caught in her web” or some other line, but the web word was used.”

And she defends her behavior at the dinner party, where she harangued Erika, Erika’s husband, Tom, and Lisa Rinna.

“Right after Erika introduces me to Tom, you can see her [sic] and I hug each other with smiles on our faces. I had no idea she was mad at me. She hadn’t picked up the phone, texted me or reached out in any way… Had I known, I would have made sure we talked it out before the dinner at her home.”

Again, Kathryn claims to be clueless. Does she really not know that she comes off as abrasive?

“I much prefer to be upfront and say what I have to say to someone’s face, but as we have all seen, that is far from the way Erika does business. What you didn’t see was more than half of the reason I was so animated and brash. We talked about the web comment in detail and my point was more about why Erika felt the need to warn me about Lisa VDP.”

Kathryn thought the dinner party would be a great place for Erika to confront Lisa.

“…talk to LVP, speak your mind. You think she’s dangerous like a “sniper,” you felt the need to warn me about her. Lisa VDP asked her why she said it and rather than addressing Lisa, Erika turned to me with it and that’s when it started… When I said that I was also looking for a reaction, yes…sure, I was.”

Kathryn claims Erika has two sides—the ballsy Erika Jayne and the submissive Erika Girardi. On this, she and I can agree.

Erika Jayne talks a lot of sh– when Tom Girardi isn’t around. Erika Jayne screamed at her guest, Lisa Rinna, at her BBQ. Erika Jayne gets loud and obnoxious, too. I hadn’t met Erika Girardi until that night. …Erika Girardi tows a line of decorum.”

While true, that doesn’t excuse Kathryn’s aggressive behavior at dinner.

“When I teased Lisa Rinna about not eating, it was all in fun. I do not think for one second that she has an eating disorder of any kind. She has an absolutely amazing body and has always been in phenomenal shape… If I really thought that she had issues, I sure as hell wouldn’t tease her.”

While helping with the Habitat for Humanity project, Erika finally confronted Kathryn about running and telling LVP everything she’d said in confidence—you know, in front of the cameras. (I’m rolling my eyes at you, Erika.)

“I think I’ve had my head in the sand, my ear under water or any other thing you can think of to say to describe that I was almost clueless as to the severity of where Erika and I were. I really didn’t know.”

Kathryn keeps reminding us how truthful and open she is with her feelings, but Kathryn, honey, maybe not everyone cares about your feelings. Maybe you need to share them with your therapist instead of the world.

“I will talk anything out with anyone. Communication is key for me, so I was happy to discuss it.
I feel like a broken record saying that I’m sorry for the way I handled it, but it’s true. I don’t think things had to get to this point. I take ownership of my wrongdoings, and I won’t make that mistake twice.”

She leaves us with this justification.

“I’m a little bratty, I hang around too many men with a lot of ego and testosterone, but my heart is in the right place.”

I think Kathryn has been trying to make herself relevant by being a shit stirrer. You can’t tell me that as a grown woman in her forties, she really didn’t know Erika would get pissed when she found out that Kathryn had spilled the tea to LVP.

What do you make of Kathryn’s denial? Is she really that clueless or is she doing damage control?


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