RECAP: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story — The Trials of Marcia Clark [Episode 6]

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'The People v. O.J. Simpson- American Crime Story'

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! On this week’s episode of “The People v. O.J. Simpson” we take a closer look at the harsh light shining on Marcia Clark. Her hair, her clothes, how tired she looks, her custody battle occurring simultaneously as the Simpson trial. Girl was getting it from all sides. Marcia runs from one court room to another like she’s the one running for her life.

So when Judge Lance Ito suggests court run late, Clark is forced to do what millions of working mom’s across America have to do and say she can’t due to child care issues. Something the men in the courtroom don’t have to do. Johnnie Cochran, Clarks’ boos, Gil Garcetti, and Clark’s ex, publicly challenge her ability to handle the trial of the century. Everyone is against her, but second chair Chris Darden’s got a shoulder for her, even though they are still arguing over whether to put Mark Fuhrman on the stand.

'The People v. O.J. Simpson- American Crime Story' Recap

In an attempt to appease Garcetti’s recommendation to listen to the media consultants, Clark goes in for a makeover and comes out with straight, flowing hair. Judge Ito makes it worse in court when he says, “Good morning, Ms. Clark…I think.” And it that weren’t bad enough, nude photos of a younger Marcia Clark surface from a European vacation, curtesy of her ex-husband. This becomes her breaking point.

“I’m not a public personality,” Clark says to second chair, Chris Darden, whom she is growing closer to. “This isn’t what I do. I don’t know how to do this. Those other guys, they’re flashy hot shots. They’re used to it.”

Darden says, “If it helps, you do look mighty good in that picture.”

During the trial rumors ran rampant that these two were becoming more that working pals. And a scene with Clark and Darden dancing certainly upholds that rumor. But Johnnie has to face some rumors of his own. Allegations of prior domestic abuse are surfacing and Johnnie’s solution is to throw some money at his ex-wife and make her “comfortable.”

Meanwhile, the scene with Mark Fuhrman on the stand, swearing under oath that he has never used the “N” word, is shown. Bad idea to say never. You never say never. But Mark Fuhrman does say never and this will haunt him and the prosecutors for the rest of their lives. F. Lee Bailey (who I still cannot believe is Nathan Lane-I keep expecting him to break into song.) is excited that this will leave Fuhrman like a chess game “check and mate.”

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In the background, we are reminded that as for the court of public opinion, this is like watching a soap opera. “They should bring Kato back on,” says a guy at Pep Boys. Unfortunately it’s not. It’s real life.


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