Bethenny Frankel’s Mother Dismisses Her Health Crisis “I Don’t Know Anything About Her Life”

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When Bethenny Frankel revealed she has a serious health crisis that will come up on this season of The Real Housewives of New York, many fans were concerned. But do you know who’s not concerned – at all? Bethenny’s own mother! And that’s because the two haven’t spoken in 12 years.

“I have no idea,” Bernadette Birk told Radar. “I haven’t spoken to her in 12 years. Maybe more. I really don’t know anything about her life and I don’t want to.”

Ouch! Not a very warm and fuzzy mother. And to make matters worse, Birk believes her estranged daughter is blowing this whole health thing out of proportion.

“An overnight stay in the hospital is no big deal. It could be something cosmetic,” she speculated.

So far we don’t know the details of Bethenny’s heath scare, but Bethenny has said she hopes going public will help other women.

“I’m dealing with it head on, and viewers will understand how I personally deal with matters such as this,” Bethenny said. “I hope women can relate, learn and support each other in life moments like this.”


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