Yolanda Foster Blasts Critics For “Spiritually” Attacking Her Illness Like A “Shameful Affair”

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Yolanda Hadid’s Bravo blog doesn’t disappoint this week. As you can probably guess, the chronically, invisibly ill cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills discusses…come on, say it with me…her journey.

“It has been a confusing season for me, even though I choose this extraordinary platform to bring awareness, I did not anticipate the emotional journey that would come with that.”

No doubt due to the backlash she’s been receiving, Yolanda tries to hide her defensiveness by being reflective, but she can’t hold back for long. Her bitterness comes through again and again.

“Watching yourself on TV gives you a great opportunity to re-evaluate your behavior. I must remember the higher purpose of my journey. When I first got diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and learned about the stigma around it, I chose to share and bring awareness to this ignored disease whose surrounding controversy feels like such an unfair and shameful affair.”

I don’t think anyone is doubting Yo’s Lyme diagnosis. They may doubt her sanity and her obsession with undergoing dubious treatments and her increasingly dramatic claims, like she couldn’t walk for a year or that all her hair fell out after a trip to Mexico for stem cell research. (Shout out to Beach Spin for her awesome recap of Yolanda’s visit to Dr. Oz.) But that Lyme diagnosis is the least of it.

Yolanda claims during her exhaustive search for a cure, she’s met with people who have lost their life savings in order to treat their children. If that’s true, it’s heartbreaking. But I’m not sure what to believe anymore. I don’t take Yolanda’s statements at face value.

“This is a complexed chronic disease, and it must be taken seriously because it’s real! Spiritually shaming those suffering from invisible chronic disease is something we really need to take a look at.”

I don’t understand why Yolanda has elevated her illness (real or perceived) to some sort of spiritual experience, like she’s a martyr or a saint. That’s the bizarre part. And once again, she compares herself to HIV sufferers.

“Hundreds of thousands of gay men were shamed into believing HIV was their disease only. Now, 30 years later, we all know the truth, don’t we?”

During her dinner party this week, Yolanda started tearing up as Lisa Vanderpump asked if she was all right.

“I got emotional in tonight’s episode when talking to Lisa because I had very limited brain function at that time and was just buckled down trying to put on a brave face and get through the night, feeling vulnerable and not quite sure who to trust or believe anymore.”

And in usual Yolanda passive-aggressive fashion, she takes a swipe at LVP while claiming to take the high road.

“…it still doesn’t make it right for any of us women to get tangled in this unpleasant web. It is time for me to let go of any negativity. I feel for not only some of the women in this group but for those in my life who choose to judge my journey… I must address forgiveness and practice love starting in my own heart.”

I wish Yolanda would continue her journey away from the Housewives, and while I wish her the best, I can’t help but think she could benefit from some therapy.

So what do you think? Is Yolanda feeling any of the social media backlash or is she just digging in her heels?


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