Twitter Drags Lisa Rinna For Flip-Flopping On Lisa Vanderpump Over Munchausen Drama! #RHOBH

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Fans are dropping like angry flies for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hustler, Lisa Rinna. Rinna has enjoyed cushy fan-love since her rookie season on the Beverly Hills franchise, but a preview clip of tonight’s show has triggered a shift. Lisa readily admits to being a perpetual people-pleaser, but her shady behavior exposes more of a master flip-flopper — and viewers aren’t happy.

One day Lisa is taking full responsibility for spreading the Yolanda Munch-Rumor, and the next, she is throwing Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards soundly under the bus. A scolding from Eileen Davidson triggered Lisa’s diarrhea-mouth, a scene where Eileen fiercely defends her new skank-mentor and dance-hero, Erika Jayne Girardi. Rinna even added that Lisa and Kyle exchanged giggles and pics, while discussing Yolanda’s cryptic mental state. Nice touch, Rinna. Lisa Vanderpump was nailed as the mastermind responsible for manipulating Rinna — convincing her with her hypnotizing curlicue pupils, to  go to Yolanda with the scandalous accusation. 

Fans blasted Lisa R., and she responded by launching into a blocking rampage on Twitter, caving to the social media lashing.

Lisa shared a sentiment, via her Instagram page — where viewers chimed in with their thoughts.

Below are two standout responses to Rinna‘s Instagram post:

“Shit doesn’t just happen it comes from assoles!!”

“so you’ll be throwing lisa v and kyle under the bus for the fake illness rumors? You said so deal with it!”

To her credit, Rinna did say that she ALLOWED Lisa to control her with her powers of pink persuasion. That’s significant, but will fans let Rinna hustle her way out of the most damaging spot she’s put herself in, to date? This reunion should be interesting.

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