RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York — Remy & Papoose Say ‘I Do’ On The Season Finale

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Remy Ma and Papoose wedding lhhny

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, bridezilla Remy Ma continues her reign of terror when she goes off on her sisters. Apparently her sister said some pretty mean things when Remy went to prison. Like she went to prison on purpose.

Papoose is on top of the World right now. He’s about to marry his queen and he has his boys to help him with the early celebrations. Including Remy‘s son Jase. The wedding planner drops off a DVD for Pap. He’s so excited he can’t wait to watch it. He wishes he did. The DVD is of Remy‘s sexy dance she learned at her Bachelor party Yandy threw for her. He is digging the dance moves, and his wife is just full of surprises. He kicks his boys out so he can watch the DVD alone. He says he’s a lucky, lucky man.

Back in the Bridezilla suite, there’s a sister therapy session going on. Her sister is so over the fighting. Remy says it’s so funny when you see keyboard killers in person, and they’re different in person. It’s worse when it’s your own sister. Remy was a mother figure for her sister growing up. She can understand how hard it was for her when Remy went to jail. Her sister still has no excuse to disrespect her. When Remy went to jail, her sister (who was sixteen at the time) wrote her all kinds of crazy stuff about throwing her life away. Her sister says she was pissed off because she felt like Remy abandoned her when she went away. Remy says there were a lot of people talking crazy when she went to prison. They talked about their feelings, and in the end all was forgiven.

The wedding planner walks in as the therapy session ends with bad news. The pastor who’s supposed to preform the ceremony hasn’t shown up. Remy‘s pissed. That task was given to her husband. She sends Rah Ali to find her husband and find out what’s going on. She’s not happy. Rah doesn’t want to be thrown in the middle of “married people problems.” She knows Pap isn’t happy with her behavior lately.

Rah Ali finds Papoose hanging out with his friends. She asks him what happened. Well, Pap has a surprise for his wife. He found the pastor who preformed their first wedding. (Their first wedding was done by phone when Remy was in prison.) Now that Pap has Rah alone, he has a bone to pick with her. He’s pissed Rah keeps putting his wife in situations that may violate her parole. He’s not okay with that. Rah promises Pap she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Remy‘s freedom. Rah gives him her word she’ll watch out for situations from now on, and she won’t blow his surprise.

So the star studded wedding guests start arriving. The creep squad is having a meeting outside. They are all happy for Remy and Papoose. They deserve happiness. Peter I can’t stop knocking people up Gunz drops the bomb. He’s decided to get a vasectomy. Hallelujah praise the vasectomy Gods! His news gets a mixed reaction, but it all comes down to Peter doing Amina wrong. Of course Amina has no idea he made this decision yet. Cisco thinks getting a vasectomy means they cut his balls off. *Facepalm.*

Cardi sees the creep squad hanging out. She decides to say hello. Cisco of course thinks he’s the reincarnation of Rico Suave. He wants some Cardi. She’s not falling for it. Keep dreaming Cisco.

Cue the drama! Peter decides it’s time to fill Amina in on his plans. Amina hasn’t talked to Peter since he broke the Tara’s pregnant news. Peter asked Amina to go to the wedding with him because he wants to talk. He tries to put the charm on when he compliments Amina on her appearance. That’s met with “you don’t tell me enough.” Here we go. Peter says he owes it to Amina, Tara, and his nine kids to make better choices. Amina says Peter won’t change. If he could have his way he would be in a relationship with Amina and sleep around with any woman who smiles at him. She’s over it. She deserves better. She doesn’t take the vasectomy news very well. She’s pissed Tara‘s pregnant. Amina‘s his wife, and he’s taking away their chances to have more kids. Amina has always wanted more kids. She just had an abortion, but she wants more kids in the future. She has some kind of nervous breakdown/jealousy rant. She says Tara is getting what she wants. She ends her tantrum by telling Peter to leave her alone. Again. We all know that didn’t last.

Remy is happy with how everything has turned out. She’s ready for the wedding. It’s like every little girl’s dream wedding. I’m not kidding. Remy‘s son is walking her down the isle. Their relationship is improving since she’s been out of prison. Her son tells her how much he loves her. It means the World to Remy. 

Anyway, Pap gets in position. He can’t believe the dream wedding has arrived. He’s excited. He’s the happiest man on planet Earth right now. Remy says they made it. He promised to wait for her, and he did. Cardi says she’s so happy for them. The ceremony begins. Nothing big about the ceremony itself. It’s traditional. They did recite some wedding vows they wrote. Pap didn’t write anything, but he says he wants to be with her for the rest of their lives. Remy says when they met, she knew he was going to be her husband. He made her the person she is today. He kept her alive when she felt like she was dying.

The real fun is always the reception. Remy says her dream has become a reality. They got married the right way. They’re first dance was sung by Keisha Cole.

While the happy couple lives it up at their reception, Medeecees wants some alone time with his wife. They won’t have too many “alone times” for awhile. Only Medeecees wears a baseball hat to a wedding. Yandy says she’s cherishing all the moments she has with her hubby. Mendeecees expresses his love and appreciation. They have some champagne. He’s not much of a dancer, but they have a nice little private slow dance. Yandy says in this moment nothing else matters.

The reception continues. Remy is so happy everything has fallen into place thanks to her friends and her husband. They have a moment alone. She thanks her hubby for making her dream wedding come true. Pap holds her to her earlier promise. He gave her the dream wedding. She needs to give him a baby! A deals a deal, and Remy loves him. It sounds like Pap and Remy are going to start making babies!

So the season ends with the cast talking about how much they’ve learned and what they hope for in the future. Bianca says she learned to listen to Yandy‘s advice. Sometimes your biggest enemy is looking back at you in a mirror. She’s filming her first music video thanks to her big Gwininfest XXL win. She’s staying positive, and focusing on her music.

BBOD learned together they can make it big. No one will come between them again. They’re managing themselves.

Mariah learned she can only depend on herself. She’s focusing on her career for her baby sister. She’s leaving the creeps, the rats, and the haters in the past. She’s focused on making a name for herself, and building a better future for her family.

Cardi has had a good year. She’s doing things she never dreamed of. She has a makeup line & phone chargers coming out. She’s also focusing on making music and making shmoney. She’s living for Cardi. She hasn’t decided to marry Tommy, but she does love him.

Rah says hard work will always get you where you want to go in life. She may have lost BBOD as clients, but she gained peace of mind. She says when one door closes, another opens. She’s still managing Mariah, and she’s coming out with her own clothing line.

Peter’s making the right decisions. He’s decided to go through with the vasectomy. He says it’s the right thing to do. He’s opening a restaurant with the help of some business partners. He hopes this is his future.

Tara says bringing new life in the World has breathed new life for her and Peter. They want to be the best parents, but they understand being together isn’t healthy.

Amina has lost a baby, a husband, and at times she lost herself. What she’s found is her voice, and the ability to stand confidently on her own two feet.

Yandy says there’s nothing in the World that can break up the love of a family. There may be dark times ahead, but Medeecees and Yandy are going to enjoy each and every blessing. As they celebrate their daughter’s first birthday, she’s reminded of so many amazing memories they’ve made this year. Make every moment count.


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