Low Blow! Erika Girardi Throws Shade At Kathryn Edwards’ Mother’s Dementia

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When a Housewife starts her blog with quotes from a rival Housewife, you know she’s building a case. In this instance, Erika Girardi is putting her experience as an attorney’s wife to good use as she accuses Kathryn Edwards of being a fake ass friend.

“Trust me, I’ll never use anything against you that you tell me.” – Kathryn Edwards And: “If you don’t want it repeated, you don’t say it.” – Kathryn Edwards

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, these women are always in a squabble. Battle lines are drawn in Chanel lipstick and sides are chosen at lunch, in between bites of overpriced salad.

Erika gave Kathryn an earful about what she really thinks of Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn ran and tattled, not only to LVP, but to the other ladies as well. Now Erika is fuming that her words got back to Lisa, and Kathryn is on Erika’s shit list.

“It’s interesting that Kathryn suddenly has this loyalty to LVP. They just met, what, a couple of weeks ago? Why this allegiance? Yet they both question my and Yolanda’s friendship.”

Actually, they each casually asked how long Erika and Yolanda had known one another. I’m beginning to see a whole different side to Erika, one I don’t care for. She claims to be straight up and truthful, but she’ll verbally shiv a bitch when she’s out of earshot.

“It is my place to tell LVP how I feel about her, not Kathryn’s. And to quote Vanderpump, “I don’t need anyone to speak on my behalf,” either.”

But here’s the thing, Erika doesn’t like to be honest unless she’s confronted.

“I’ll bet if I asked Kathryn to tell me what she and LVP say about me, she wouldn’t share that information. I can’t help but feel that Kathryn went to LVP’s house on a mission.”

She may be right, Kathryn did seem hell-bent on telling everyone what Erika had said. But I also suspect Erika is a little paranoid. Whether it’s because she drank the Yolanda lemon-Lyme Kool-Aid or because it’s just her nature, I don’t know. But I see nothing malicious in asking how long you’ve known someone.

On a happier note, Erika was delighted at Yolanda and David Foster’s post-dinner musical guest.

“I can’t say enough about what an incredible gift it was to hear the Great Andrea Bocelli sing at Yolanda and David’s dinner…”

Also in this episode, Kathryn met up with her sisters and talked about her mom’s early dementia. But even though Erika shows empathy, she still shot a dart at Kathryn.

“Watching Kathryn discuss her mother’s early stages of dementia with her sisters struck me very deeply. I, too, remember when my grandmother was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and how I watched her decay over the next decade. Perhaps they will shed more than ‘six tears.'”

All right, it’s official. I don’t like Erika. I’ve been on the fence, waiting for her to win me over, but this week, she lost me for good. So what about you? Are you a fan or do you feel that she’s merely Yolanda’s puppet?


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