RECAP: #TheWalkingDead “Not Tomorrow Yet” [Season 6, Episode 12]

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Carol is shopping for food supplies in the Alexandria stockroom and foraging for acorns. Somehow she manages to back batches of cookies, using beets to make them sweet. She shares them with the community. Tobin doesn’t want to take the food while the kids are hungry, not realizing that she has been passing them out in the community. I like the Tobin/Carol vibe. Rick and the gang return, and he asks for an emergency meeting at the church. He is only willing to tell them that they have enough food for the next month, but they have to fight. Carol looks stunned, holding on to a batch of cookies as if they finally made her life normal and connected.

As Carol stands alone at Sam’s grave, Morgan wants to know why no one told Rick about what happened with the, now dead, Wolf. She doesn’t want to talk about it but he feels that holding the secret might make it feel, to her, as if she had a hand in what happened. Oh dear, were those cookies for Sam? Does Carol suspect that her words contributed to his death or is she simply sorry she wasn’t nicer to him? Rick meets with the group in the big church (not FatherG’s makeshift church). The group learns the terms of the deal with (Colonial) Hilltop and Morgan wants to know if Rick is sure Negan’s group can be beaten. When is Rick ever truly unsure of anything? Morgan thinks a compromise might be possible though Rick tries to explain that they are not a group that compromises. Rick reminds him that they always come back, but polls the group to find out if anyone else wants to talk with the Saviors, first. Aaron refuses to let the town be attacked, again. Rick says that anyone who stays has to accept what is going to happen even if they aren’t planning to help kill the Saviors.  


Carol gets up that night, writing code in a notebook. The number 18 is circled. The number of people she has killed, maybe? Maggie and Glenn are sitting in their kitchen discussing how they can help. Maggie made the deal and feels obligated to take part in the fight, even if her job is to take the “safer” position of patrolling the perimeter. Foreshadowing they note that nothing is safe any more. Carol, who can’t sleep, is out walking when she stops to share her cigarette with Tobin. He is not going on the raid, but is in awe of the things Carol can do, things that terrify him.  She wants to know how he thinks she is able to do those things. He tells her it is because she IS (not was) a mom, and that she had to do the hard stuff as a mom. She has a mother’s strength and is a mother to most of the people, there. She asks if she is a mom to him. He tells her, no, that she is something else to him. We have a #Tarol, kiss! She tells him that it is not tomorrow, yet.  


As they are getting closer, Abe breaks up with Rosita, but in the most dickish way possible. He simply announces that he’s leaving and tells her when he met her, he thought she was the last woman on earth. She’s not. This does NOT bode well for a relationship with Sasha. Rosita is devastated. As with many times before in their odd friendship, Eugene is there watching it all. The Hilltopper, Eddie, has been drawing maps for the Alexandrians, but he doesn’t seem to have that many details. Tara tells Denise she loves her, but that she doesn’t have to say it in return. Denise says that she will tell her in returns from her scouting trip, after the mission to the Savior’s compound. As the only doctor, Denise has to stay with the town’s citizens and can’t go with Tara.

Rick plans to fool the Saviors into thinking they are getting Gregory’s head, to get them to open the gates while everyone else is sleeping. The crew will find and then secure the Savior’s armory. Father G joins the merry gang as they move out the next day. He is posted as a lookout near the vehicles. Rick wants to know why he is still wearing his religious garb.  For two reasons 1 – It is who he was and 2 – the black suit will make it harder for them to see him at night. Rick laughs as he walks off. Dumped and angry, Rosita is ranting about that hijo de puta,  Morgan, to Carol. Calm and unruffled, Carol realizes that there is nothing wrong with the fact that he doesn’t want to kill. Rosita reminds her that they don’t like it either, but they do it. Right now their job is to kill off the walkers and find one that can be passed off as Gregory.

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Glenn and Heath are talking as they stand over a group of walkers they have just put down. They talk about what the feeling of killing another person must be like. Both are clearly having a hard time. When the group reconvenes, Rick talks about what the group’s plan. Carol has a visible reaction to him stating that they will “keep Jesus in the shadows.” She confronts Rick about allowing Maggie to take part in the plan, even if it was Maggie’s choice. Rick tries placating her and walks away to help Jesus and Eddie pick the most Gregory-esque decapitated walker head. Rick punches in the walker’s face when Jesus says the nose is wrong. Eddie tells Rick he is even scarier than the Saviors.


The time comes. The Saviors are housed in an abandoned satellite (broadcasting) station. How has this place stayed secured all this time with its glass doors and low windows with exterior metal shutters? When Eddie brings them the head, the two guards excitedly accept the head as Gregory’s. Eddie is told that he has learned his lesson and to bring more stuff next week.  One guard leaves to get the captured Craig, as Daryl kills the waiting guard. Michonne and Rick take care of the returning guard, and Craig is whisked away to safety. Rick, Michonne, Abe, Sasha, Daryl, Rosita, Glenn, Aaron, and Heath are inside looking for the arsenal. Rick kills a sleeping savior while searching. Glenn takes out two more, crying after the first and preventing a hesitant Heath from getting his hands dirty to kill the second.  He seems less shaken when he sees what appear to be photos of victims hanging near the second dead Savior’s bed.  Jesus, Eddie, Craig, Tara, and Father G are outside.  Tara wants to know if he is still a priest. He is. Tara confesses that she told Denise she loved her to cover up being a part of mission like this before, and not liking it. When he asks if she loves Denise and Tara responds with “yeah,” Jesus tells Tara that she knows what she’s fighting for. As the group is inside, killing Saviors off, room to room, Sasha and Abe have poor luck as they end up fighting a Savior, who pulls the alarm just as they take him down.


Carol tries to stop Maggie from running to the group’s aid when the alarm sounds, telling her that she shouldn’t be there. She should be someone else (like a mother home caring for her pregnancy, I’m guessing? Someone who is less quick to join the fight, perhaps?) Tara tells the Hilltoppers to go. Jesus makes Eddie drive Craig back to Hilltop and goes to the defense of the Alexandrians, along with Tara and Father G. Rick is inside cutting the Saviors down. Aaron takes out a mountain of a man. Aaron, Rosita, Daryl and Michonne are firing without mercy. Rosita is a machine. Abe and Heath unleash a hail of gunfire. Sasha is ripping the Saviors open.


The fight is fast and furious as Glenn and Heath hit the armory by accident.  They cut down the Saviors who were chasing them. There is blood, everywhere. Badass Jesus caps a Savior who is still alive and nearly shoots Glenn and Heath. Jesus then utters, “This is the next world.” Father G is not to be outdone and kills a Savior in the field outside the station, after praying over him. The Savior warns that G is just as dead as him, they are all dead. Blood is coming. Those are his last words.


Heath and Tara prepare to go out on their scouting mission from the Savior compound, as planned. The compound is cleared out and the group prepares to head back home. Morgan, who appears to be beefing up the jail, welding bars and building the walls with cinder block, breaks down crying. For himself? The group? The impending destruction? What the world has become?  At the end, Michonne wonders which was Negan, just as a man peels off on a motorcycle – Daryl’s bike, it seems. The stranger is shot down and stopped in the field. A woman’s voice on the walkie next to the stranger warns them all to drop their guns, they have Carol and Maggie. Oddly enough, if Carol hadn’t stopped her, they would both be inside the walls with the group instead of being captives. Maggie and Glenn were right. Nothing is safe.


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