Kathryn Edwards Cyberbullied — Quits Twitter & Instagram After Nasty Attacks! #RHOBH

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Kathryn Edwards is learning the hard way, that it’s risky to be honest on reality television.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rookie tells it like it is, and was recently bullied so harshly on social media, that she was forced to suspend both her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The nastiness stems from Kathryn exposing Erika Girardi, after she threw shade at Lisa Vanderpump.

Kathryn came clean, obviously desiring to keep her exchanges with the women transparent. Kathryn explained in her Bravo blog,

“She [Erika] had just had dinner with Lisa and Ken, and as far as I knew, they all enjoyed each others’ company…at least that’s what Lisa VDP said.”

“So when Erika started telling me that Lisa VDP was to be viewed with concern, I thought it was strange. Lisa has been nothing but welcoming, friendly and forthright with me. I personally had no feeling that she was playing me and acting in any type of manipulative way to further herself.”

“If Erika would have told me she didn’t like or trust Lisa VDP and asked me to keep that between us, I would have gladly done so. I had no idea I was crossing the Mason Dixon line and this would be viewed as a betrayal.”

The conversation between Erika and Kathryn was being FILMED! Kathryn later stated that “you shouldn’t say anything you don’t want repeated,” — in other words, HELLO — when the Bravo cameras are rolling. Kathryn was clearly protecting herself from being linked to Erika’s strange, knee-jerk judgement of Lisa. It was a no win scenario for Kathryn, and she knew it.

Many fans have raised an eyebrow at Erika’s “guard dog” (thanks Kathryn) relationship with the freshly re-dubbed Yolanda Hadid. Erika’s friendship with Yolanda translates as disingenuous, and Lisa and Kathryn asking the same simple, though problematic question, triggered Erika to snarl her protest a bit too much.  It’s becoming clear that Yolanda is likely behind Erika’s cryptic assessment of Lisa. In fact, Erika herself was busted, LYING on camera — perhaps she expected Kathryn to follow suit?


Erika evidently has some equally rabid fans, who growled and barked  Kathryn’s social media accounts, into suspended darkness. 


Apparently the messages got so nasty, that Kathryn retreated — clearly over the negativity and hatred, clogging her feed. Some of her followers witnessed the aggressive cyber-bullying.





Lisa Vanderpump acknowledged the social media attacks, and commented on Twitter.

What exactly is Yolanda’s problem with Lisa Vanderpump? The answer may be related to the genuine friendship that she shares with Yo’s ex, Mohamed. Lisa Vanderpump is happy, healthy, married, and mentally stable — can Yolanda say the same? That therein, may be the issue.


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