Farrah Abraham Claims UBER Driver “Almost” Raped Her — Watch Video

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Earlier in the week, Farrah Abraham, controversial star of Teen Mom OG, made the shocking accusation that she was attacked by an Uber driver who “almost raped” her.

This is not something people take lightly after the tragic incident in Kalamazoo, but this is Farrah we’re talking about. So to set the record straight, Farrah released a short video of the incident, however, the clip only brings up more questions than answers.

“This was at a resort I was staying at in Jericho Gardens, in Long Island,” Abraham told Radar. “Around 2:30 am, I was going to get food and go to my friend’s house in the Hamptons.” Adding, “The video shows cops took care of him as he chased me in front of cops.”

The video shows no such thing. It shows people in the distance that can’t be verified as police speaking with an upset woman who’s getting a little snarky. And rightly so if this man tried to rape her. Farrah’s says as a result she is steering clear of Uber from now on, which is good because Uber has banned Farrah for life.

“I now take rides responsibly to learn more about what I look to for in a safe car service as seen on Teen Mom,” Farrah said.

A rep for Uber previously stated,”We have no record of a complaint from a rider on this trip. We have received a complaint from the driver. We review all feedback and safety allegations are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.”


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