RECAP: The Amazing Race — Romance Blossoms Between Two Racers [Season 28, Episode 4]

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The Amazing Race 28

The last checkpoint was in Columbia somewhere. The Vine brothers checked in last, and they were eliminated. The Frisbee Players won the last leg and 9 teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?

Blair and Brodie seems to have some sort of Amazing Race showmance going on? Tyler calls them “Blodie.” The other teams are playing the love connection game.

Amazing Race Blair & Brodie

Back to the race. Brodie and Kurt are first to leave Columbia for Geneva, Switzerland where it’s very “snowy.” Some of the teams don’t even realize Switzerland is a country. Facepalm.

Tyler and Korey hope there’s snow in Switzerland. Tyler says they’re doing well because they get along so well. They’ve been friends for years. Tyler wonders what they speak in Switzerland. (Ummm…they actually speak four languages according to Google. Different dialects of French, German, Italian, and Romansh.) They’re all going to be on the same flight. Lots of fans at the airport causes massive chaos!

Amazing Race S28E4 Burnie

It’s a footrace when the teams get off the plane. They have to find a big water fountain where they’ll find their first Swiss clue. Then onto a chocolate store where they pick numbers. (The order they will depart the next morning.) The gamers land in first place. The Clevver Girls get second with a little help. The teams camp out in a basement cave in sleeping bags for the night. Blair and Brodie get a little cozy. Their sleeping bags seem to bring them together for a makeout session. Blair was a little shy on the subject. Brodie said it was good to have a conversation. The “conversation” had a lot of slurping.

The next morning the teams return to the chocolate store for their next clue. It’s a Detour. Work Bench or Bench Work. They have to choose between assembling a swiss army knife or figure out how big one of the biggest benches in the world is.

So they teams have to figure out the size using newspapers. Teams who chose Bench Work: The gamers, The clevver girls, The Vine heartthrob and his mom, The dancers. Burnie and Ashley have a fairly mathematical approach to figuring out how many people can fit on the bench. The Instagram models have trouble finding the Work Bench spot, so they switch to Bench Work. The teams have to kick poor Chess players off the bench and other random people. I think by the time the teams finished, the Chess players were probably cursing them out in French. Burnie and Ashley’s first guess is wrong, so they have to start over. They check with Frisbee boys on their number, then they get to work as the other teams arrive. The models took the opportunity to plop on Cole’s lap. You know because he’s so hot. The Frisbee boys told the other teams the correct number because they’re friends. They haven’t reached the do or die situation yet.

Teams who chose Work Bench: The magic couple, Tyler and Korey, The Instagram models who think it sounds fun. They grew up in the country so they have knives at home, The Frisbee boys, and in last place are Blair and Scott. Zach and Rachel thought it was cool. They get to put together a swiss army knife in Switzerland. The teams figure out it’s more technical than they thought. Blair thinks putting together a swiss army knife is so cool. She’s surprised more teams didn’t pick this Detour.

Amazing Race S28E4 _2

Over at Work Bench the teams find out putting together a swiss army knife is like Legos, but way harder. They have to line the parts up just right. Blair was the cheerleader while her surgeon dad worked. Zach & Rachel’s first attempt was too wobbly.

First team to finish the Detour was the Frisbee players. Their next clue said they have to find the broken chair. Burnie and Ashley finished in second place. Tyler and Korey finished third. Sheri and Cole finished fourth. Dana and Matt danced their way to fifth place. The Clevver girls took sixth with a “Thank God.” Zach and Rachel tightened their knife and finished seventh. Blair and Dad finished eighth leaving the models in last place.

Most of the teams took the train. Tyler and Korey didn’t take the train and made it to the broken chair first. The next clue is the Road Block. The teams have to identify 10 flags from countries who were founding members of the UN. They have to remove those flags from a book of UN flags, and hand them to the official. Korey, Kurt, Burnie, Cole, Matt, Rachel, Blair, Joslyn,decided to take on the road block. Interesting enough, the teams decide working together is the best strategy. Korey figures out the flags on the map correspond with the larger flags on poles. When they figured that out, it was easy to count the poles. Matt and Korey decide to help each other. The other 3 boys work together. Rachel, Blair and Joslyn work together. One of them goes left. The other goes right. Then match their answers. Burnie is the first person to get all of the flags correct.

Amazing Race

The Instagram girls arrive at the Road Block last. Jessica is totally lost, and by then the other teams were all in the middle of what they were doing. No one would work with her. Blair said they need someone behind them. She bitches and whines about no one working with her. Over and over.

Burnie and Ashley are first to finish the Road Block followed by the Frisbee boys. Sheri and Cole finish third. The dancers finish fourth. Korey and Tyler aren’t first, by they aren’t last. They take fifth place. Blair and Scott finish sixth. Clevver girls finish seventh. Rachel and Zach take eighth while Jessica finishes last again…because no one wants to help her. (insert eyeroll here.)

The teams have to jump on a train to the Chamonix, France. The French Alps is the pit stop for this leg of the race. The first three teams to finish are on the first train with a slight layover. The dancers, Korey and Tyler, Zach and Rachel, and Blair and Scott are on the second train. Tyler and Korey continue to push the Blair/Brodie thing. So, the second train is about to take off. The models arrive just minutes before it leaves. They almost made the train, but missed it by like 1 minute. The second group catches up to the first train on the lay over. Blair falls on her behind, but she’s good. So, it’s a race for first. Whomever has the fastest run without falling in the snow takes first place. Brodie and Kurt once again finish in first place. They win 3k. All the other teams hit the mat at about the same time. The only time that’s happened is during the All Star season. They’re all All Stars.

The Instagram models are emotional when they get to the mat. They wanted to do well, but they’re thankful for each other. They were eliminated.


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