Kathryn Edwards Feels Erika Girardi Is Being Influenced To Hate Lisa Vanderpump By Yolanda Foster! #RHOBH

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I’ve been on the fence with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kathryn Edwards this season. I’m not sure what her angle was for promising friendship to Erika Girardi as she listened to her rundown Lisa Vanderpump, then scampering over to Vanderpump’s Villa Petting Zoo and tattling on Erika. But this newbie on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is stirring it up wherever she goes.

Kathryn tells her side on her Bravo blog:

“When I had lunch with Erikaand she started talking about Lisa VDP, I was confused. She had just had dinner with Lisa and Ken, and as far as I knew, they all enjoyed each others’ company… Lisa has been nothing but welcoming, friendly and forthright with me. I personally had no feeling that she was playing me and acting in any type of manipulative way to further herself.”

Erika found it strange that both LVP and Kathryn asked her how long she’d been friends with Yolanda. As far as I’m concerned this is called small talk, but Erika saw sinister motives lurking behind the question.

“My reason for the question was that Erika was coming across like a guard dog, and I didn’t understand why she felt the need to protect Yolanda like that…Yolanda seems very capable of defending herself.”

Kathryn points out the obvious, stating that all is not well between LVP and Yolanda.

“As I watch this now, seeing what you, the viewers, are seeing…I see tension between Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it’s just the relationship Lisa VDP has with Yolanda‘s former husband.”

Kathryn believes that Erika’s distaste for LVP comes from Yolanda. I have to agree. Erika has been listening to Yolanda badmouth Lisa. Who’s the influential one again? Seems like Yolanda can pull Erika’s strings pretty easily. 

“It seemed as though she [Erika] knew something about Lisa VDP, and I wondered where it came from. Keep in mind that Erika just met Lisa VDP. If Erika would have told me she didn’t like or trust Lisa VDP and asked me to keep that between us, I would have gladly done so.”

Now this is just silly. You offer up your friendship to Erika and then tell all you know at Lisa’s birthday dinner. That is not cool. However…Erika did say everything on camera, so it was bound to get back to Lisa eventually, but the fact that Kathryn hand delivered the news is what bothers me.

“There was no ill will. She assumed it was in confidence, and I assumed that she would say that to Lisa‘s face if she felt that way. So what’s the bid [sic] deal?”

Kathryn is clearly Team Vanderpump.

Lisa didn’t jump on Erika. Lisa asked her why she would say that in a very inquisitorial way, trying to understand where Erika was coming from. Why would Lisa VDP want to “discredit” the friendship between Erika and Yolanda? For what purpose? Am I the only one that thinks this is a big stretch and has no merit?”

No, Kathryn, you are not.

At Yolanda’s dinner party, Eileen Davidson had Kathryn repeat the story for Lisa Rinna’s benefit.

“…Lisa Rinna said that she didn’t understand Erika‘s feelings either in regard to the manipulation. Please notice how Eileen doesn’t like that Lisa Rinna doesn’t co-sign with her. …Rinna said she was torn between loyalty to Eileen and her liking Lisa VDP.”

Finally, Kathryn wants to wash Erika’s dirty, dirty mouth out with soap.

“I want to address the names that Erika called me, because it was very upsetting to me. I have never been called those names that I know of, in my life. F—ing c—, f—ing bitch. It really hurt my feelings, it was so mean spirited.”

Kathryn pretends to be the better person.

“I won’t call her names in that manner, ever. There is nothing I could say that would make her look worse than she made herself look. I thought/think that Erika knows my heart and who I am.”

She knows she can’t trust you to keep your mouth closed, that’s for sure. So what’s your take on Kathryn? Do you think she’s merely open and honest or is she looking to cause trouble?

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