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RECAP: #MobWives Brittany Explodes On Carla [Season 6, Episode 9]

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

One episode left and Brittany continues to stir the pot on the recent episode of Mob WivesAng is still recovering from her lung surgery so Renee and Carla decide to visit and cook her dinner. It’s important to support Ang during her recovery. Of course she has her hair and makeup done when they walk in. She wouldn’t be Big Ang if she didn’t. Anyway, Carla takes over the kitchen. She’s warming up some fish. Ang has a hard time letting Carla cook for her. I guess she’s not used to being taken care of. Fish, salad, and it looks like Karen brought dessert. Ang talks a little about her surgery. It was deeper than they thought, so they had to remove more of her lung. She’s still in a lot of pain. She says the day of her surgery was the scariest day of her life. Hubby Neil came through. He took care of her and supported her when she was in the hospital. She may have to do chemo. She’s not sure yet. Ang hopes this is the last surgery. Renee says it’s hard to see someone you love go through that. Renee hopes she doesn’t need chemo. Ang deserves a break.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Karen talks about things she has going on as they eat. Her dad was denied early release because she says “he’s Sammy the Bull.” The judge must have some vendetta against him. Karen sees light at the end of the tunnel. Her dad will come home soon. Ang is thankful she has friends to support her. She needs friends around her for support.

Over at Drita’s house they’re celebrating her eight-year-old daughter’s birthday! She asked for a puppy. They didn’t want any more dogs, but apparently the Gizelle puppy dog look does wonders. Drita named her dogs after gangsters. She sets the dog up around stuffed animals as a surprise. When her daughters come home, her oldest wants nothing to do with the new dog. She goes upstairs. Gizelle is excited when her mom surprises her. Drita tries to give Gizelle the you’re responsible for the dog talk, but Gizelle doesn’t care. She knows mom will take the responsibility. Oh the life of a spoiled little girl.

Tasmanian Devil Brittany meets Karen in the park. They make small talk about the weather. Karen talks about her thoughts on her dad being denied early release. She thinks the judge had a vendetta against her dad. Brittany didn’t grow up having to defend her dad like Karen did, so she doesn’t understand. She says when people attack Karen’s father it’s just ignorance. Of course Brittany needs to stir it up a little bit more. She brings up Drita. Karen tries to explain her complicated and volatile relationship with Drita. When the girls had a sit down, they promised to deal with eachother directly instead of playing the Staten Island telephone game. She’s disappointed Brittany didn’t shut Drita down when she started smack talking Karen. Brittany says she didn’t know their relationship was this complicated. She says she’s staying out of the mess. She doesn’t want to be involved with their drama anymore. Karen thinks Brittany needs to work things out with Renee and Carla. Brittany says they’re antagonistic, but she’ll give it a chance and talk to them next time she sees them.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Karen wants to do something with her dad’s artwork. She meets with a gallery to organize an art show. Karen talks about her dad being in solitary for years. When he got out, one of the other inmates suggested drawing. It was therapeutic for him. She opens up some of her dad’s artwork. The museum agrees to organize an exhibit of Sammy The Bull’s artwork. Karen is excited to show people another side of Sammy The Bull. He’s not a “one dimension” type of person.

Ang is back at the Dr’s office for a follow up after her surgery. Hubby Neil is working two jobs now, so he couldn’t go with her. She just hopes Neil stays the way he is now because every woman needs a strong man behind them during hard times. She gets great news. They cut out more of her lung, but it didn’t spread to her lymph nodes. She won’t have to do any chemo/radiation. They will have to keep a close eye on it. Ang is relieved. She’s so over doctors at this point. She’s not taking life for granted anymore. She’s living life to the fullest every day.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

So coach Drita meets Brittany at a family bakery to check in. Why? To talk more crap about Karen. Drita says they’re a lot alike. They’re both “allergic to bullsh*t.” Okay. Drita says Karen has done anything she could to break up their friendship, but it didn’t work. Drita tries to explain why she has beef with Karen. She says Karen lives in some kind of time warp. Brittany tries to stop Drita. She says she doesn’t want to get in the middle of Drita/Karen’s war. Don’t worry about Drita smack talking Karen. She has nothing more to say about her. She gets on Drita’s nerves.

They move onto smack talking Renee and Carla. Drita calls them hyenas. Apparently Carla is immature. She should act her age. Oh hi pot how’s the kettle? Who just got arrested for beating up their neighbor over a parking spot? Oh and Brittany is younger, but wiser. Yeah this entire convo made me mute the TV honestly. It’s ridiculous.

Renee is continuing her dance classes. Renee is calmer this season. It’s sort of ironic. Her dance teacher thinks she’s doing so well she’s ready to participate in a dance recital.

It’s time for Sammy The Bull’s art event. She invites all the girls except Brittany and Drita. Brittany has problems playing nice with others. Renee couldn’t make it. She has family obligations. Karen wanted the gallery opening to remain drama free. Carla is happy Brittany wasn’t invited. She’s clueless about who’s stirring the pot. Carla didn’t want negative nelly’s around. Karen does want to resolve everything between Renee/Carla/Brittany. Karen invites her boyfriend Storm. They may have issues sometimes, but he always has her back. Although he’s higher than a kite when he arrives. Ang is impressed with the artwork. She says it goes to show you can master anything when you have a lot of time on your hands. They cheer when Ang announces she’s Cancer free.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

So, Brittany/Carla/Renee/Karen/Ang decide to have a sit down at a restaurant in Brooklyn. Renee wants to straighten everything out with Brittany, so everyone can get along. Karen wants to clear the air. Carla wants to hear what Brittany has to say before she eats. When Brittany gets to the table Karen says they were talking about the fashion show. Renee says “sorry we couldn’t make it.” Brittany goes on the defensive. She says no hard feelings. She just wanted it to be a positive event. Carla doesn’t care about not being invited. Renee’s a little insulted. She says she went against everything she believes in because Karen asked her to. She wouldn’t have gone to Brittany’s event and caused problems. Brittany says she didn’t want to hear the B.S. about Marissa/team this or that. Brittany says she was all amped to fight Marissa because of Renee and Carla. Renee says “Get the f*ck outta here!” She wanted to fight Marissa. She has no one to blame but herself. They go back and forth with who said what.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Poor Ang walks in right as the girls are talking about something she said. Brittany says Renee and Carla are instigators. Carla calls Brittany delusional. Brittany says they don’t like her hanging out with Drita. Renee makes it very clear she doesn’t care about Drita. She can drop dead tomorrow and she still wouldn’t care. Renee tries to explain to Brittany before you judge and pledge your allegiance to people, you should get to know them. The girls try to explain to Brittany it’s not about her friendship with Drita, but Brittany’s not hearing it. It gets loud. Carla and Brittany start yelling at eachother. Something about teachers. Brittany gets up to leave. She starts talking about Carla’s relationship with Drita. Something she knows nothing about.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Karen’s had enough. She gets up and starts yelling about Drita messing her money up. Karen says she should’ve listened to Renee. “Drita flipped this bitch faster than the feds flipped Brittany’s mother.”

So, Brittany has to go tell Drita her version of what happened. Blah blah blah. Where’s the mute button? She’s staying out of Karen/Drita’s beef but hold the phone. She talks about her shopping trip with Karen. Brittany stirred the pot, and Karen went off on Lee/Drita. That sets Drita off. She starts her gangster threats about Karen again. She’s going to kill her. Brittany seems pretty happy about this. So. Over. Brittany!

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Next week on the season finale, Karen and Drita almost come to blows. I have no clue what to even make of this season except immaturity won. The mature agreement the girls had went right out the window. Thank you Brittany.


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