Exclusive Interview with Heather Marianna of Bravo’s ‘Tour Group’

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Heather Marianna, star of Tour Group, Bravo’s newest reality venture, is making a name for herself in the reality spotlight.

The Las Vegas resident is owner of an organic beauty business called Beauty Kitchen, and is engaged for the 13th time. In an exclusive interview with All About the Tea, Heather opens up about the show’s drama, her beauty business, working with Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and stepping into Reality TV fame. Read our interview below.

How did you get involved in Bravo’s “Tour Group?”

Heather: I knew it would be hard to leave my business and friends for 6-weeks but I knew it was a once-in a-lifetime opportunity that I absolutely had to be apart of!

Was it hard adjusting to cameras following you around? 

Heather: I’ve done a bunch of TV segments for my company, Beauty Kitchen, so I’m used to the cameras although this was the first time I had to deal with cameras rolling pretty much nonstop for 6 weeks straight. 

Tell me about the unique concept of the show? 

Heather: Eleven soul-searching strangers from all walks of life, traveling to the world’s most luxurious and breathtaking destinations together for six weeks. We laughed. We cried. We argued. Laughed out loud.

What can viewers expect from you on “Tour Group?”

Heather: Imagine all of us experiencing this amazing vaycay, but each of us being out of our element, since we’re traveling and spending all of our time with people we just met.  Lots of clashing personalities. Lots of absolutely unforgettable moments and experiences.


Since the show has aired, what has been the viewer reaction…positive and negative? 

Heather: I think it’s going to take a few weeks but I know I’m going to be the funny one.

You’ve been engaged 13 times? Are you in a relationship now? 

Heather: Yes I am but I’m keeping things more hush-hush right now.

Being in the reality spotlight can be a gift and a curse. Do you fear anything in your background coming out as a result of being on the show?

Heather: But who hasn’t? I’m a real person and I have overcome a lot.  I’m definitely not portraying myself to be anything close to perfect, I’m just me. Love it or leave it.

Are you a Vegas native?

Heather: Nope I grew up in California 

How is your relationship with your cast members?

Heather: Great.  I can appreciate something in each of them, even if it didn’t seem like that at times.

Who would you say is the biggest drama queen on the show?

Heather: Me. I need my blow dry bars and I didn’t abide by the one bag luggage restrictions. Oops. 

Tell me about your business venture Beauty Kitchen?

Heather: Beauty Kitchen originally began in 2012 as a series of YouTube videos where showcased simple, do-it-yourself beauty recipes made with common kitchen ingredients. I very quickly gained a following of over 3 million fans which inspired me to launch Beauty Kitchen’s all-natural retail line which includes an array of monthly beauty boxes, scented bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, soaks, face masks, body mists and more. Beauty Kitchen has been a hit with celebrities with fans including Christina Milian, Viola Davis, Tahj Mowry, Dascha Polanco, Trai Byers of “Empire” and the cast of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.”


You teamed up with Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG to do a ‘Mommy & Me’ bath line? Has Farrah’s porn scandal affected your brand?

Heather: Not at all. Farrah is an amazing mother and successful entrepreneur. I am all about women supporting women and had a great time working with both Farrah and Sophia. 


Do you have plans to do more reality TV?

Heather: I’m open to it.

Any parting words?

Heather: Be yourself there is nothing realer, stay in your lane work hard and ignore the hate and if all else fails there is the block button.

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