Eileen Davidson Blames Kathryn Edwards For Backstabbing Erika Girardi

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I only have one nerve left, and Eileen Davidson is twirling on it like a stripper who needs rent money. Look, Eileen is perfectly bland and normal, but for some reason on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she keeps haranguing Lisa Vanderpump for another, better, more sincere apology because the first one wasn’t good enough. She blames Kathryn Edwards for backstabbing Erika Girardi, but turns around and pulls the exact same stunt under the guise of being truthful. And she even gets irritated at Lisa Rinna for not agreeing that LVP is a web-spinning spider, trying to take them all down.

On this week’s Bravo blog, Eileen breaks it down for us by relationships. When Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Hadid last met, the tense atmosphere turned the guacamole sour. But last night, they met up again, along with the other ladies, for dinner. Yolanda was near tears as she spoke to LVP.

“I get that Lisa V. wanted to make her point, but Yolanda was obviously not ready to talk about it. Yolanda became emotional… Whether it had to do with Lisa V. specifically or not, I’m not sure. At any rate, showing up for Yolanda may be the first step in repairing their relationships.”

On LVP and Eileen’s deteriorating friendship:

“When we greeted each other at Wally’s and she asked, “Are we good?” I had flashbacks to last time. But for everyone’s sake, most of all mine, the answer was, “Yes, we’re good, Lisa V.!” …The awkwardness on my part came from trying to navigate how to have a decent relationship after all the weirdness.”

The awkwardness came when Eileen complained for the umpteenth time that Lisa asked too many questions about Eileen’s relationship with husband, Vince. Since the two of them met on a soap opera and wound up leaving their spouses for each other, I think Eileen is embarrassed. Instead of owning it, she’s laying the blame at Lisa’s feet. Because that’s easier than admitting to infidelity.

As for Lisa Rinna:

“Her “confusion” about why Erika would say Lisa V. “could easily persuade people” did seem a little like a case of “the lady doth protest too much.” …Lisa R. is a no BS kind of gal, which is why I love her so much. She’s also the person I confided in when we were in the Hamptons. She knows Lisa V. at least as well as I do. I’ll leave it at that.”

Erika made the analogy that LVP is a “sniper from the side” and the moment Kathryn sat down with the other ladies, she spilled the tea and told them everything. Well, sort of. Instead of saying “sniper” she said “spiderweb” and Eileen does not approve.

Erika was in the dark at the start of this dinner. Then, not only did she find out that Kathryn betrayed her confidence, but Lisa V. confronted her about it. For being blindsided, I think Erika handled it really well.”

If by “really well” Eileen means Erika watered down her rhetoric while still showing her paranoia where LVP is concerned, then okay. Whatever.

Once again, Eileen turns Erika and LVP’s conversation back to herself.

“Strangely, in watching Erika and Lisa V.’s interaction, it reminded me of when I tried to be open with Lisa V. She was very dismissive and kept trying to make it seem like Erika was wildly off base.”

Yes, because Erika thought a question like “how long have you known Yolanda” was some kind of intricate conspiracy. That by asking a simple question, Lisa had some vicious plan up her sleeve and was trying to “discredit” Erika and Yolanda’s friendship. If you want to talk about weird, Eileen, that was weird. But Eileen has consumed a big bottle of Haterade where Lisa is concerned.

“The whole time Lisa V. pretended to be totally in the dark and played naïve. Lisa V. is a lot of things, but naïve is not one of them.”

Kathryn just made Eileen’s shit list, too.

“I’ve gotta give props to Erika for not letting Kathryn off the hook. …when Kathryn wanted to be a “genuine girlfriend,” that absolutely did not mean she would immediately go tell Lisa V. what had been said… I’m very happy that I know that about Kathryn now, though.”

Last, Eileen touches on Kim and Kyle’s tearful reunion.

“The last time we saw Kim was at the reunion show. The difference in her was tremendous. She looked great. She had a very calm presence. The two of them, although it was difficult, and there were tears, are doing the deeper emotional work needed to make the right progress in their relationship.”

I can’t help but wonder if there is something going on with Eileen that has nothing to do with the other ladies. After watching how she interacts with her husband and the loss of her sister, maybe she’s stirring the pot with the ladies in order to divert her attention from her own problems? Or am I reading too much into it? Let me know your thoughts. Are you as over Eileen as I am?

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