Yolanda Foster Talks Dirty Needle Use Triggering Hepatitis B & Tijuana Border Runs For Stem Cell Injections

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Yolanda Foster on Dr. Oz_RHOBH

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Hadid appeared on the Dr. Oz show in an episode aired yesterday, to open up about her ongoing battle against Lyme disease. It was a lot of the same old, same old—but a few eyebrow raisers peppered Yolanda’s testimony.

Dr. Oz offers a brief history of the ex-model, and refers to Yolanda’s children as “certifiable Hollywood royalty,” surely making a backstage Yolanda giddy. The doc introduces her by simply by proclaiming “YOLANDA IS HERE!” The audience, no doubt comprised of invisibly ill fans, welcomes her warmly. Thankfully, Yolanda switched up her hair, and the ponytail nub is nowhere to be seen. Dr. Oz speaks of a worldwide epidemic of vagueness, and gives us a scientific definition of Lyme. Yolanda describes the onset of the disease, which supposedly occurred before her wedding to David Foster. This would have been shortly before fans would get a glimpse of her lemons, fridge, or her strenuous in-home training sessions. Yolanda showed NO symptoms of any less than perfect reality on camera, until years later.

Dr. Oz reveals that Yolanda had been sick practically her whole life, listing ailments which began with a hospitalization at 12, for “severe fatigue.” This would have been 5 years after her father’s tragic death..DING DING DING!  Yolanda labels the severe migraines suffered by her mother as “invisible chronic disease,” certainly broadening her tagline definition, by the minute. Yolanda claims to have suffered from Epstein-Barr, Hepatitis B (contracted from dirty needles used during an acupuncture treatment), and chronic fatigue. Yolanda shares how infuriating it is to be told she looks good (an inner whoopsie to Oz), while suffering from zero brain function. She reminded fans of this on Twitter, yesterday.

Yolanda shares about her relief at the eventual Lyme diagnosis, and marks it as the beginning of her “journey.” If Andy Cohen was the host, “journey” would have surely been tagged as the drinking game secret word. Oz runs down Yo’s globe-trotting treatment quest, as Yolanda shows off her charts, and “Beautiful Mind”-ish record keeping. She titles her life mission “Uncovering the Mystery of Chronic Lyme.” She notes losing ALL of her hair (when did this happen?), and she gives us a tour of her treatment room, and daily patient routine. We meet Patrick the nurse, the sterile visuals accompanied by a haunting background music. Daisy gets a shout-out, as Yolanda details her daily exhaustive research schedule.

We watch Yo receive an ionic flipper-bath—Oz is careful to distance himself, noting that YOLANDA believes that the soak removes toxins. The cameras tag along as Yo and Daisy visit a physical therapist, and complain to another questionable pro about night sweats. Jill Zarin pops into my head—knock-knock-knocking her menopause diagnosis. Yolanda admits that her desperation has led to some crazy treatments, including a Tijuana border run for stem cell injections. She acts pissy when Oz asks about the cash that has been dropped on her loony treatment decisions—no questions about medical bills, please. 

Yolanda shares about David’s common sense insistence on a body scan, and the subsequent birth of her silicone implant baby. Yo credits the surgery for saving her life—but make no mistake, she is still mighty sick. Yolanda touches on Bella and Anwar’s “journey” with Lyme, and her mother’s struggles with “chronic disease.” Yo remembers her good ol “supermom” days, and how the drastic shift forced her children to grow up quickly.

Dr. Oz addresses Bravo’s munch-gate, and Yo describes the “judgement she has endured.” Nobody would choose her life, but she is thankful that Bravo gave her a super annoying voice to speak for those who can’t. Yolanda states that “nobody fakes a disease,” and that the world is a compassionless place for the invisibly ill. Yolanda touches on her broken marriage, but deflects the question, labeling the split as part of her journey to secure  awareness of #chronicinvisibledisease. A nice note is read from the happily freed David, which makes Yolanda happy. Yolanda admits that all of her energy goes to illness, and that she has no room for a husband, even if he’s loaded. Yolanda is goal-oriented, in case you couldn’t tell by her weirdo poster boards. A few audience members ask questions, and Yo gives the expected answers.

Yolanda hopes to write a book, and with a “laser focus” advises the chronically ill to nag their families into submission, in order to grow compassion. Yolanda throws shade at Lisa R.’s QVC hustle, and labels her Lyme platform as a much bigger cause. Yolanda wraps, noting that the journey to her own soul is the bottom line, as Oz gifts her with a paperwork summary of her disturbing medical reality. We get a glimpse of Oz’s team pouring through the paperwork, trying not to laugh on camera. Yolanda, of course, is delighted. 

I kept thinking—this must have been Heaven on earth for Yolanda. A whole hour devoted solely to her invisibly vague reality. Thanks Dr. Oz.


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