Taylor Armstrong Talks #RHOBH Drama And The Housewife That Hurt Her The Most

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Taylor Armstrong_RHOBH

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Taylor Armstrong, and actress, Rachel Harris, joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse for Watch What Happens Live.

First, we saw a flashback clip of Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party where Taylor questioned Yolanda’s sick/healthy selfies. Responding to Yolanda’s blog about ignorance of her illness, Taylor said:

“I feel horrible for her, but at the same time I was concerned she had a misdiagnosis because I have family members who had neurological diseases. They were misdiagnosed for a very long time and they ended up having multiple sclerosis…it really was out of concern.”

Lisa Vanderpump’s web of manipulation was discussed. The poll question of the night asked if Kathryn Edwards betrayed Erika Girardi’s confidence by spilling the tea to LVP.

Andy touched on Kim Richards’ return. She and sister, Kyle, had a teary reunion. Of course we can’t ever talk about it, because Kyle doesn’t like to talk about her family. She just likes to show them off on TV. See the difference? No? Me neither.

Next week, before our regularly scheduled RHOBH episode, Andy is interviewing Kim for a one-on-one special. I’ve looked into my crystal ball and this is what I predict. Andy will ask specific questions. Kim will deflect and dance around the subject, then Andy will drop it. We won’t get any resolution and will have to eat chocolate to comfort ourselves.

Commenting on Kim and Kyle’s difficult relationship, Taylor said,

“It’s just gone on for so long. I don’t know how you get to the other side. Far before Housewives ever started.”

Andy asked the ladies opinions on the various plots of Beverly Hills so far. First, he asked about Lisa Rinna’s continuing doubts about Yolanda Hadid’s illness.

Rachel: “A bit obsessed with Yolanda. She likes to label.”

Taylor: “When we go back to Kim’s birthday, I have to say pot, kettle. Because I was asking questions and she’s making accusations. It’s a little different.”

I think she meant LVP’s tea party. I don’t know if Taylor was a little tipsy or if she’d had a recent Botox injection, because she talked a mile a minute and her words were a tiny bit slurry.

On Kyle’s fear about Kim never getting healthy.

Rachel: “I think she needs to go to an Al-Anon meeting. And probably…but I feel for them so much…that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

And Eileen’s continual handwringing over LVP’s questions about her relationship with husband, Vince Van Patten.

Taylor: “I feel like this one’s been going on for so long. Like everyone knows that they were cheating. Like move on.”

Rachel (who was clearly NOT a fan of Vanderfabulous): “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business. I think for Lisa to keep prying for all that information about her relationship, it says more about Lisa than it does about Eileen.”

On Erika’s mistrust of other women and her use of the c-word.

Rachel: “I love Erika. She’s allowed to say whatever she wants to. She’s a grown woman.’

Taylor: “She turns me the wrong way. I don’t like it.”

A caller wanted Taylor’s opinion on Rinna this season.

“I like her, she’s spunky, but she’s a little meddling.”

The new trailer for The Real Housewives of New York dropped today. Rachel was giddy.

“I’m so excited. But it does seem like there’s crazy balls drama with Bethenny.”

Andy asked how Taylor’s face has changed since she first became a Housewife.

“Botox and fillers.”

Andy’s face contorted. “No, sweetie…”

“I probably have gained weight,” Taylor conceded.

Up next, we got a sneak peek of RHOBH. Erika is having a dinner party and she expects you to come correct, people. So when LVP questions Erika about her web comment, Erika becomes affronted. She claims she’s misunderstood and not an ice princess. Then Erika calls Kathryn out for telling tales to LVP in the first place. When Kathryn starts to defend herself, Erika gets bitchy in her talking head interview. 

Wait, is this the same woman who said the c-word with abandon and danced with nearly naked, gyrating men on stage? Yet she’s put out by a conversation at the dinner table. Hmm. I’m beginning to think Erika likes to talk a big game, but when confronted, she’s not as ballsy as she pretends to be.

Andy asked Taylor which Housewife hurt her the most. “That’s a really deep one. Camille.” However, she’s still in touch with Camille, so all must be forgiven.

Rachel’s imaginary Housewife tagline would be:

“I may shop at Barney’s. But I live in Harlem.”

A viewer asked Taylor whether or not she’d consider a lip reduction. “Absolutely, I’ve considered it. I’ve even talked to doctors about it. I’m too terrified.” But Taylor is happy now. She remarried, moved back to Cali, and Kennedy just turned ten.

I hope that child is all right after all that trauma. That’s who I worry about with these shows: the kids.

The poll results were in Erika’s favor. 76% said yes, Kathryn betrayed Erika. I agree. Of course, Erika did say LVP was a sniper while being filmed for a reality TV show, so…

Do you miss Taylor Armstrong and her cotton candy lips? And what are you thinking of newbies Erika and Kathryn? Do they make the cut?


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