Tamar Braxton Disses April Daniels For Not Being A “Real Friend” — Read Shady Posts!

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It seems as if Tamar Braxton and BFF April Daniels, friendship woes are getting worse. The singer, reality star and co-host of The Real took to Instagram to call out her FORMER friend April for her shady behavior.

Tamar wished a different friend, Shateria Moragne-El, happy birthday over the weekend and thanked her for being a REAL friend and a REAL beauty.


A few days later, Tamar was at it again quoting Oprah on the subject of who you can and can’t be friends with.


This all started because April and her husband LaShawn Daniels didn’t visit Tamar during her time of need concerning medical problems at the end of 2015. Tamar has accused April and her husband of using herself and her husband to gain fame. April threw the shade right back with a meme that quotes, “You can’t walk with God, holding hands with the devil,” followed by a handful of shady hashtags that speak for themselves, #WeDontPlayThoseGames #GodHasBeenTooGood  #HeSeesAll #ThankYouJesus #JustSaying. Ouch!



Stay tuned as this frenemy feud heats up and may spill over onto Tamar‘s reality show, Tamar & Vince on Wetv.


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