Super Skinny Bethenny Frankel Drops Health Shocker In #RHONY Season 8 Trailer

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The apple is imploding this season on The Real Housewives of New York. Season 8 is shaping up to be a complete hot mess for the ladies as friendships are tested by betrayal, hypocrisy, jealousy, accusations, and health issues, plus there’s a new wife in the mix. Where to begin?

Luann de Lesseps – Is excited about her new boyfriend, though by now we know they’re engaged. She can’t wait to shove her engagement ring in all the other ladies’ faces. Luann and Carol are still not on good terms and Luann thinks people are out to take her down. Will Luann give up her title and live happily ever after?

Sonja Morgan – Who hasn’t missed our girl Sonja! It seems like forever since we’ve seen her throw back a few (or twenty) cocktails and hit on the young guys. But Ramona calls Sonja’s drinking out this season, but there’s good reason for Sonja’s sorrow. Her daughter is away at boarding school, she is now an empty nester (if you don’t count all the interns), and her girl parts need surgical zinging. Will there be an intervention in Sonja’s future?

Dorinda Medley – Is still dating her dry-cleaner beau, John, who will be playing the role of “drunk guy at the party” this season.  Ramona has a big problem with him, but if Dorinda’s happy, the rest can go eff themselves, she doesn’t give a $hit.  Dorinda admits to feeling lost at times and struggling with fears. Will Dorinda tire of being a parent to her boyfriend?

Ramona Singer – Is on the prowl. She’s got bigger and better boobs, so look out for all three of them. The fun begins this season when Ramona gets ejected from a party. Can’t wait! Obviously Ramona is still suffering from foot-in-mouth syndrome, but will she be the new man-eater in NYC?

Carole Radziwill – Who would have thought she’s still dating her young chef, Adam? Not anyone in North America, that’s who. Carol prefers not having to speak with Luann and will avoid her at all costs. Will she and Adam go the distance?

Bethenny Frankel – Is having a health crisis, but not backing down from it or anyone else in her life. We don’t know what kind of surgery she needs, but Bethenny tearfully asks about a living well. The stress of the longest divorce in the history of Real Housewives is taking a toll. Will Bethenny ever be able to write a book called: I No Longer Suck at Relationships?

Julianne “Jules” Wainstein – Is the new girl. Apparently, she’s an Asian/Jew and won’t let you forget about it – ever. As the youngest of the ladies, she’s a wife and a mother, and a socialite who has no problem standing up for herself. Will she fit in or be a one-timer with the group?

Season 8 begins Wednesday, April 6, at 9:00 pm ET. Are you looking for to seeing the RHONY?


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