Kyle Richards Nails Yolanda Foster’s “Self-Righteous” Behavior & For Making Threats! #RHOBH

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Kyle Richards sadistically forced the women into a spin class in the name of charity. Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t having it. She finally climbed off her bike and took a break. Afterward, all the ladies hotfooted it over to the local Mexican restaurant where they met up with Yolanda Hadid. Then sh*t got real.

Lisa and Kyle quietly whispered with their heads together, wondering what had happened between Yolanda and Lisa Rinna. That’s when Yolanda turned into a school marm and took them to task.

“…part of being in this group also means we have to address issues that are currently going on in our group… Yolanda also obviously knows that everything we discuss here is not private… To be chastised for this when she knows all too well that I am not whispering “secrets” didn’t sit well with most of us that day. She was condescending and self-righteous. She knows what being part of this group means. Since when is a documented argument in this group off limits?”

Kyle confronted Yolanda. That’s when Yoyo came out swinging.

Yolanda saying “I hold a lot in the vault, Honey” was an absolute threat. No matter how she may try to spin it. Nobody says that in that tone for any other reason. What started out as a nice, positive day with the fundraiser didn’t end well, unfortunately.”

Later, Kyle received an email from Yolanda, further chastising her. But Yolanda didn’t just email Kyle, she cc’d the other ladies, too.

“She always makes such a point to say, “If you have a problem, come to me directly, and we will talk in private.” The fact that she needed to alert all the women that she was chastising me was ridiculous. She is not my mother, and the way she spoke to me…with an attitude of superiority, was off-putting to say the least. I did not reply, because I would have far more appreciated her calling me and having that discussion on the phone or in person.”

Next, things got crazy at Vanderpump’s birthday dinner. First, Kathryn came to spill the tea about how much Erika Girardi can’t stand LVP.

“Again the subject of Yolanda and the email came up along with Kathryn and Erika’s lunch where Erika allegedly said not to get caught in “Lisa’s web.”

Eileen decided to pile on and took this opportunity to bring up the Hamptons. Again.

“The topic of the Hamptons and the exchange between Eileen and Lisa came up as well (we’re batting a thousand here). Lisa and Eileen clearly don’t mix. They just don’t see eye to eye. Eileen clearly wasn’t getting the apology she was looking for. In words, yes, but when someone has to ask for an apology and the other person doesn’t think they have done anything wrong, you just are not going to resolve anything.”

I’m not a fan of Kyle—never have been. Her needy former child star act got old for me a long time ago. But I have to admit, I liked it when she stood up to Yolanda and defended Rinna. What’s your take? Did she do the right thing?


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