Jenelle Evans to Appear on ‘The Doctors’ For Mystery Illness

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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans continues to jet around the country, and  recently walked a pre-Oscar red carpet, despite ongoing complaints of painful joints, restless leg syndrome, severe hot flashes, and other mystery symptoms.

Evans taped an episode of The Doctors, set to air on March 4, making the most of her flashy trip to California. Will the pros crack the cryptic case that has been crippling MTV’s shadiest Teen Mom? The show is promoting the piece, coining the phrase “mystery illness,”— undoubtedly hoping to lure some MTV viewers into the discussion.

The online promo reads, “Exclusive: Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans comes to the show seeking help for a “mystery illness” she’s been dealing with for several weeks? Can our doctors crack the case & figure out what’s going on with her health?”

Jenelle has not allowed her alleged illness toslow her down, according to her Instagram account, which is littered with glitzy Hollywood pics, and her spring break travel plans.

Jenelle’s critics have accused her of faking the symptoms, with an alleged motive of scoring prescription drugs.

Tune in Friday, to see if The Doctors crack the case—and maybe just in time for spring break! 


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