#RHOBH Drug Scandal: Faye Resnick Admits To Snorting Cocaine, Popping Pills In Tell-All

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When shows collide, we can often see very different sides of a person. Take Faye Resnick. She can be seen today as Kyle Richards’ best friend and decorator who stirs the pot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She can also be seen on “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” played by Connie Britton, as the partying cocaine abuser in the 90’s who was close (very close) to Nicole Brown Simpson.

In her tell-all, “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted,” Faye Resnick, now 58, claimed it took three trips to rehab to kick her cocaine addiction. And it was Nicole, whom she called Nic, who held that third and final intervention on Faye’s behalf to encourage her to give rehab another try.

“I’d slipped back into tooting and smoking coke two or three times a day, and mellowing the drug’s hard edge with Valium,” Resnick wrote in her book depicting the final days of Nicole’s life.

At this time, Faye was consumed with dread that O.J. would carry out his threat to harm Nicole, but Nicole thought Faye was being paranoid due to the drugs. Faye had requested that she and Nicole leave town and go to Europe to get away from O.J. Nicole said she couldn’t go because of her daughter Sydney’s upcoming dance recital.

At the intervention Nicole hosted for Faye, also in attendance were other friends like Kris Jenner and her then husband, Bruce. The intervention was a success and Faye agreed to go back to Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles.

“How can this defeat me again?” Faye asked Nicole. “This will be my third time going to rehab. Is it ever going to end?”

After Nicole hugged her, she said, “Faye the day you get out of here will be like our own independence day because O.J. is history.”

However, tragedy struck three days into Faye’s stay at the addiction recovery center. Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered.

“A force like I’ve never felt shuddered over me,” Faye wrote about finding out. “The two counselors rushed to grab me as I went into convulsions. I was babbling, shrieking like a wild woman!”

Faye said she was cleaned of her addiction in September 1994.


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