RECAP: The Amazing Race “Bros Being Jocks ” [Season 28, Episode 3]

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The Amazing Race 28

To recap last week: The Vine Brothers lagged behind the other teams because they didn’t understand the word assertive. Father/daughter team Blair and Scott had a speed bump, but still made it to the pit stop. Tyler and Korey came out on top and won a trip. Mother/Daughter team Hagan and Marty didn’t keep their taxi close, and it cost them the game. They were eliminated.

So, the episode starts out with Dana and Matt who seem to have major communication problems. It was a rough leg for them.

Tyler and Korey are first to depart. They have to make their way to Plaza San Diego and search for their next clue. They give us more info on their relationship. They’ve been friends for eight years. Korey says only friends which gets a big eyeroll from Tyler. They joke about Tyler having a crush on Korey…until he met him. Korey asks so I look good, but my personality sucks? Tyler says “your words.” They both laugh.

Tyler and Korey_The Amazing Race

The Frisbee boys depart next. They think their biggest flaw is going too fast. Brodie adds he’s always talking. Spitting out ideas. As they run around looking like chickens with their heads cut off looking for taxi, Brodie continues. He says it might be annoying to Kurt sometimes, but it’s nothing new.

Tyler and Korey make it to Plaza San Diego first. Their next clue says they have to make their way to Castillo San Felipe De Barajas. Then they have to search the claustrophobic catacombs for their next clue.

Burnie and Ashley are looking at the map for Plaza San Diego. Ashley/Burnie explain in games, check points are safe points. You run out of check points and you’re eliminated from the game. You don’t get second chances in The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race_Burnie and Ashley

Tyler and Korey arrive at Castillo San Felipe De Barajas first. Tyler looks at it and says wow. Korey is scared to go down to the catacombs. They go in anyways, and working as a team they find their next clue.

The next clue is the detour called Tickets or Tejo.  So, Phil explains how buses are the fastest way around town. It’s easy to jump on and off a bus. The Detour requires the team to play conductor. They have to use their persuasive talents to get twenty thousand pesos. After they earn twenty thousand pesos, they will receive their next clue.  Teams who chose tickets: Zach/Rachel, The Clevver Girls, Blair/Scott, Dana/Matt.

Take a three-pound metal disc, some gun powder, and a clay target, and you get Columbia’s national sport. Tejo requires the teams to hit three explosive targets to get their next clue. Teams who chose Tejo: Tyler/Corey, (Who think it’s just like cornhole) Brodie/Kurt, (Brodie says if they don’t do well they’ll get a lot of Twitter hate) Burnie and Ashley, The Instagram Models, The Vine Brothers, Cole and Sheri.

The newlyweds and the internet entertainment reporters depart minutes apart so Zach decides to just follow them to get the first clue. Rachel explains Zach is always in the spotlight and she stays in the background. Rachel thinks the race is a chance for them to be in the spotlight together.

Brodie and Kurt arrive at Tejo first. They watch for about 5 seconds before they start trying to hit targets. They figure out the right angle and speed they’ll need. They hit a target on their third try. They finish the detour before any of the other teams even arrive. Tyler doesn’t like the loud explosions. He jumped everytime they hit a target. Korey loves it. Korey and Tyler attended Michigan State where they played Cornhole every Sunday. This is a little different, but the concept is the same. They finish in second place. Burnie and Ashley go next. Burnie hits the targets. Ashley hits everything around the targets. They finish in third place. Matt and Dana (who I dub the fighting dancers) finish in fourth place. Brittany and Jessica finish in fifth place. Cole and Sheri finish in sixth place. The Vine Brothers aren’t in last place!! The finish seventh.

Brody and Kurt _The Amazing Race

The next stop is Calle San Juan De Dios where they have to search for a vendor.

The Clevver girls once again complain about claustrophobia. One has an anxiety attack while the other makes her way quickly through the maze. When they find their clue, they don’t even want to discuss it until they get back into the open.   

Over at the ticket detour, the newlyweds are the first to arrive. The Columbian host guy explains exactly what they’ll be doing. Each person they get on the bus will pay one thousand eight hundred pesos. He tells them what the stops are, points them to their bus, and they’re off to collect passengers. The locals were excited to see the racers. Children ran beside the bus, Rachel was waving, Zach was excited about learning about a new culture. Their strategy was to yell off the side of the bus and grab random people to jump onboard. The Clevver Girls have a similar strategy except they start dancing. They enjoy themselves. Blair has a genius idea. She calls it Besos for Pesos. (Kisses for money.) She gets a lot of people jumping on their bus. Luckily she didn’t have to kiss too many people. The buses hit rush hour traffic so Zach switches things up. He jumps off the bus to find people who will ride. Zach is recognized by some random guy who watches him on Youtube. That’s not a set up by producers.

The next stop is a roadblock called “Who’s left holding the bag?” Phil explains how people in Latin America have been making Mochila Bags forever. The teams must choose a bag then search the old city to find two more bags by the same designer. Once they find their matches, they’ll receive their next clue. Kurt quickly discovers it’s not an easy task. He has to ask for directions. Luckily he speaks Spanish. People doing the roadblock: Kurt, Tyler, Ashley, Dana, Cole, Jessica, Erin, Darius, Scott, and Zach.

Kurt finishes the roadblock first. Tyler finishes right after Kurt. Ashley and Burnie finish and run to the pitstop in third place. Dana and Matt dance their way through the roadblock, and finish in fourth. The Instagram models and Cole/Sheri team up because they trust eachother. Instagram models finish fifth, son/mom team finish sixth. Scott and Erin decide to work together. The teams run into difficulty when it gets dark. Oh lord The Vine Brothers once again get lost trying to find the vendor who’s right next to them. They wonder off like they did in Mexico City.

The Amazing Race-Dana and Matt

After they finish the roadblock they have to make their way to Baluarte De Santiago. The pit stop for this leg.

Over at the ticket detour, it looks like The Clevver Girls collected enough. Blair is bringing people in so fast her dad is having a hard time keeping count. Zach and Rachel think they have enough so they jump off the bus and run through traffic looking for a taxi. In the taxi they double count. Uh Oh. They miscounted and don’t have enough. They have to go back. The Clevver girls finish the detour in eighth place. Blair and Scott finish ninth.

The Amazing Race_Zach and Rachel

Kurt and Brodie check in first, and win a trip to Greece. Tyler and Korey finished second. Burnie and Ashley checked in third. Dana and Matt checked in fourth. They did a little dance, and hope for better communication on the next leg. The Instagram models finish the leg in fifth place. Cole/Sheri finish sixth. The Clevver girls finish seventh. Scott and Blair are the eighth team to check in. Zach and Rachel squeeze in ninth. The Vine Brothers gave it everything they had, but it wasn’t enough. They were the last team to check in, and get eliminated.


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